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  1. KY Mr Basketball will come down to Adam Kunkel and Trevon Faulkner. Kunkel doesn't have off nights. He shows up every game. He is very quick and can score several different ways. Faulkner is almost unstoppable one on one. He can put up 40 on any given night. Most of the time while being double teamed. He is just a strong, explosive player. Glad he is going to NKU.
  2. Never the less, Lenihan played really well in the starting opportunities he had last year. That would be hard to argue by anyone that saw him play. It's a shame to lose a great kid that can play. I also understand as a coach you just can't play everyone all the time
  3. I hate it that Lenihan quit, but at the same time understand why. The writing was on the wall. He played really, really well last year in the 10 games he started while Ruthsatz was out hurt. I don't believe CCH lost a game during that stretch. If I'm not mistaken he ran the point the whole game against Moeller. Went for 10points, 8 assist, and only 1 turnover. But once Ruthsatz came back Lenihan went straight back to the bench and forgot about the rest of the season. Hardly ever seen the floor again. My guess is he was going to be unwilling to just be a practice guy all year with no opportunities to get on the floor. Everyone knows Ruthsatz, And Fredrick are going to play 95% of every game regardless of score or performance. Walters will play 80% of every game regardless of score or performance. That leaves very few minutes left at the other two spots for Fleek, N Thelen, AJ, M Mayer, Nowack, Davin, L Thelen, Deere. With three players gobbling up so many minutes that doesn't allow others to get minutes. N Thelen has been playing well and getting more minutes. I think the kid getting the short end of the stick right now is Fleek. That kid can play. But since the football players have returned his minutes have diminished a lot. You can't argue with the success of the program, but I do feel CCH could use their bench more with little drop off. I think it would help some of those kids (Fredrick, Ruthsatz) to keep fresh legs and play even better than they have been. Especially when you are playing in a tournament with several days in a row of games. That would be scary because they both have been tearing it up.
  4. I say SK wins at home by 8. I believe Kelch has gotten much better. He will have a solid game. I would look for Steiner to try to use Niece as much as possible. I know he has high hopes for Niece. Simon has some strong/physical guards that will get after you defensively. They also have some kids that can shoot it in from the perimeter. I think SK is going to be better than most think this year. For Mason County I believe they will be lead by L Dunaway. He may not shoot a great percentage, but he will end up with about 20pts and game because he will get a lot of shots up. He is quick, gambles on defense which will transition into some easy baskets. I got to see Perkins play some over the summer, he still needs to get stronger. Should be a good early season game for both teams to see where they are at.
  5. Campbell will have some growing pains early. They lost a lot to graduation. I believe they will only improve throughout the year and be able to compete for a district/region title at the end of the year. Tanner Close has a nice game. I enjoy watching him play.
  6. Ruthsatz 27pts (carried them)much improved from last year. He will be able to get more shots this year will CVH gone Fredrick 11pts (he is going to find it harder to score this year with the focus now on him. Last year most teams best defenders were guarding CVH and this benefited CJ) Fleek 7pts (going to be hard to keep him off the floor, I like his game) Thelen 5pts Walter 4pts Both Mayer boys will help with rebounding when they get finished with football Would love to see Lenihan get involved, he brings a lot of energy and toughness. But I'm not sold on CCH giving him the opportunities to play much. I would say Fredrick, Ruthsatz, and Walter are going to play 90% of the minutes most games (unless they are blowouts). That only leaves two spots for rotations for Fleek, both Mayers brothers, Davin, N Thelen, and Lenihan. Then you still have Nowak, L Thelen, and Deere. I just don't see CCH playing that many players on most nights.
  7. I would think starters for CCH would be Ruthsatz, Fredrick, Walter, AJ Mayer, the fifth spot could be any of the following: 1-Michael Mayer-good size, and last years sixth man at the end of the season (in a six man rotation) 2-Lenihan-started at point and played really really well last year while Ruthsatz was hurt. Sometimes they forget about him, but he is a very good guard. 3-Nowak-brings energy and defense to the lineup. Started several games last year while another player was hurt. 4-Thelen-tall and athletic, but hasn't been able to be the player the coaches expected him to be yet. He is now a junior and I think he breaks out this season 5-Davin-missed all last season. He will need to prove himself as a starter to take the fifth starting spot. He may be doing that at practice, but I have yet to see him play meaningful varsity minutes yet due to injury. 6-Fleek-I got to see him play some over the summer. He is better than I thought he was. If he gets a serious shot at varsity I think he could be a contributor for sure. 7-Deere-I've heard his name being thrown around but don't know much about him. A lot of people say he is really good. Deere, like Fleek, and Davin I believe have not played enough varsity minutes to really make a call on yet. I believe if the rotation is deep enough for them to get a descent amount of varsity minutes they will all play well. The key will be the rotation. How many players are going to get minutes? 6-8? Ruthsatz, Fredrick, and Walter will get 90% of all minutes. AJ Mayer will play 75-80% of all game minutes once he returns from football. That will leave very limited minutes for others to see the floor. Like always, CCH is deep. But will they use their depth. Either way they will be the favorite in the 9th with Cooper a close second.
  8. A couple kids I think could very easily been on the top ten list are Tyler Scrheck from Dixie. He will have a big year, but I'm concerned if he will have enough pieces around him for Dixie to be a threat. The other is Chris McNeal. He could very easily be the best true point guard in the 9th. Kid has a high basketball IQ, can score, and makes he teammates better. I would watch him this year.
  9. Kaylee Clifford is a very good player, and even a better person. She is very deserving of the 8th region player of the year and has the stats to prove it. The Shame, Shame, Shame should be on the person trying to run her accomplishment down. Calling it "politics" and how the 8th region coaches should be ashamed. To try to discredit a young ladies accomplishment that she has worked years to get. Just because your player did not get the award there is no need to get your feathers ruffled and try to put shame on everyone else. That's the real shame here. Sad really.
  10. I agree. Doesn't look like face guarding Hollingsworth the whole game had any effect on him. CCH may have been better off using CVH more offensively. Anytime CVH only has 4pts and 7 shot attempts against a good team it will not be a good outcome for CCH. CCH will make adjustments and be better by tournament time.
  11. Is this the same coach that took them to the final four? If I remember correctly I thought MC get rid of that coach after that final four appearance? I could be completely wrong. Just asking a question.
  12. If NKU were smart they would keep Lexi Held from Cooper here in NKY. Arguably one of the best players in NKY. Dropped 36 against #5 SK a week ago. SK could not stop her. She lead Copper twice in wins against Schwartz/Scherr at Ryle. Held has been unstoppable this year. Not sure why she don't get as much attention as some of the others. Lexi Held is a very solid player. I know she has quite a few D1 offers, but not sure if NKU has offered or not?
  13. I heard he is trying to get back for districts. Recovering from a broke foot/ankle since Boone game. Hope he can get back in time for districts and regions. CCH is going to be hard to handle with or without him.
  14. Walton seems to be getting better every week. They do have some young talent that continues to develop. With that being said, they start one sophomore in Deontie Miles who has really stepped his game up in the past year. The remainder of the starting lineup is two seniors, and two juniors that all have either started in prior years or gotten substantial minutes. So I wouldn't say they are totally young. After the starting five the subs of the bench consist of another junior, and three more sophomores. It is nothing for them to play a rotation of nine players every night with four of them being sophomores. Each night different players step up and make plays. This team should only continue to get better the remainder of this season and the next couples seasons moving forward.
  15. Arguably the best offensive player in NKY this year. Kid can flat out fill it up. I have only been able to see him once this year, but quickly recognized he is in much better shape than he was last year. Would love to see him get a nice college offer.
  16. Aiden will help, but Lenihan did and excellent job filling in. Played 32 minutes with no turnovers. CVH and Freddrick turned the ball over a combined 10 times. That's very uncharacteristic of those two. You can't have your best two players turning the ball over that much against really good teams and expect to win a tight one. It was good to see AJ have a solid game. 17 boards is huge. All in all this game will help CCH continue to get better and prepare them for post season.
  17. The coaching staff will have to put him in a situation to succeed. Unlike last year in the regional championship game. Ben Weyer was dominating from 15ft and in so they put Jake in. IMO at that time CCH should have went zone. But they stayed man and asked Jake to guard Weyer man to man. Weyer and NCC immediately recognized the mismatch and Weyer hit two or three straight threes. Then they took Jake right back out of the game. Asking Jake to guard Weyer on man to man on the perimeter was not the best decision in my opinion. Had they went zone when Jake went in I believe it could have changed the game. If he is used, and used correctly this year I believe he will have a good year. The CCH staff is one of the best high school staffs around. I'm confident they will be fine.
  18. That's a fair assessment. And I do agree. CVH did the best job defending him. CVH is a solid defender. I'm excited to see the CCH vs Cooper game. Wish it was at a large gym than CCH. Gonna be tough to get into that game.
  19. How do you feel CJ stacks up against Ben Weyer (NCC)as a player. Weyer 6-6 or 6-7. Averaged over 21ppg, 11.4 rebounds, shot 51% from the field, 46% from the 3, and 76% from the field. That's about as good of numbers as you will see. He also had other players on his team that could score, Moeves, Hall, and a few others. So he put up those numbers with also a good team around him, very similar to what CCH will be this season. Weyer completely dominated CCH in the regional final last year. CCH had no answer for him. Clearly by far the best player on the floor. He ended up at a D2 school. What does CJ have that Ben did not? Will he be as good as Ben, or Better? Is he capable of averaging a double double?
  20. What should the expectations be for CJ this year? 15-20ppg? You say the first time he don't dominate you are waiting for the "he can't play D1 post". If he is a "D1" recruit then shouldn't he dominate most of the time at the NKY high school level? There have been a lot of good players dominate at the NKY high school level in the past that didn't go D1, and weren't D1 players. There is a lot of hype around him right now. Will he be able to live up to that hype? Are people going to put to much pressure on him to dominate every game? Is he capable of dominating every game? And where does CVH fall into all of this? Up until this year everything was all about how good CVH is and all his college offers. Is CVH now CCH's second option behind CJ? Does the offense now run thru CJ? CJ has a lot more D1 offers than CVH.
  21. If they are ranking based on last season I would say they are pretty accurate. With that being said I would have the top five/six in different order. Rankings may change during or after the season, but players have to prove themselves first. That would be my guess. Based on last year I would have them this way. Only my opinion PPG 2pt/3pt% 3pt% Ft% rebounds per game 1-Sean Mcneil 16.1 45 40 88 7.6 2-CVH 16.9 45 35 80 3.7 3-Adam Kunkel 15.3 50 49 76 4 4-Brennan Hall 11.8 45 43 78 2.4 5-Spencer Hemmerich 15 46 29 69 4.3 6-Luke Moeves 11.7 43 43 73 2.9 7-10? Players like Walters. Probably are not going to be ranked yet based on last season. He got very little to no varsity minutes.
  22. At what point do you give your bench players a opportunity? Is there no help there? Is there that big of a fall off in talent? Is depth that much of a problem? I watched the last two games of CCH and four of the starters played 95% of the minutes(or more). Some of them contributing very little in the stat lines. When you have starters that are not producing maybe someone else should get an opportunity. I know they had quite a few seniors and Juniors on the team. Could they have not been a help? I'm certain some could have put up some better stats than a few of the starters did. Outside of CVH and Ruthsatz I believe you could have made a few changes at times. Even if it were to give some players a blow for a couple minutes. I MO Walters could have helped last night provided CCH went to a zone. Asking him to guard Weyer man to man is not a good idea for CCH. But if CCH played zone Walters could have protected the basket and got some boards. At that point if Weyer played on the perimeter against a zone then the guards could have guarded him. On another note. CVH and Weyer both had great games. Both are serious competitors and fun to watch!
  23. Very impressed with Michael Scott from Conner. Clearly the best player on the floor today. Aiden Ruthsatz was also impressive. Good game to watch. Both teams played well.
  24. I wouldn't consider losing to Grant County a bad loss. Grant does have a very good record, but plays a pretty tough schedule. They have size, and shoot the ball well. Not to mention they are very physical. They can play with many good teams.
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