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  1. I think the refs will be from the 15th region.
  2. Is it required to play man on defense to be good??? If I recall, Rowan made it to the Championship Game in 2011 playing 90% Tandem 2-3.
  3. I totally agree LionEagle, those three should be ahead of East. This years Regional and the 62nd District is going to be fun to watch.
  4. My ranking would be: 1. Rowan Co 2. Morgan Co 3. Elliott Co 4. Boyd Co 5. West Carter 6. East Carter 7. Lewis Co 8. Ashland 9. Greenup Co 10. Raceland
  5. I feel the ninth regions pain if they had to put up with 16th region officials.
  6. Was actually at the game and while listening to Dickie on radio..... poor man's eyes need adjusted.. Not at all as he was calling it on the radio. Not sure about this, but he could be a little partial to Ashland
  7. I think Morgan took the lead once in the third by one, however Stone came down and hit a three. Rowan lead from that point on
  8. Listened to them on radio but don't remember any except the fact that Rowan only had 4 turnovers...
  9. Very possible, however Ashland will have the tough task getting past Fleming
  10. Sorry Spin did not see your post....
  11. Upper Bracket (Tuesday Games) Ashland vs West Carter 6:00pm Fleming Co vs Lewis Co 7:30pm Lower Bracket (Wed. Games) Russell vs Boyd Co 6:00pm Morgan Co vs Rowan Co 7:30pm
  12. Rowan Scoring Thacker 28 Stone 28 Brown 15 Barnard 13 Graham 10 Callahan 11 Newsome 6 Augusta Scoring Bach 38 Kelsch 24 Maddox 22 Snapp 11 Skaggs 12 Crawford 5
  13. Final (Double Overtime) Stone hit a mid-court shot to send the game into second OT for RC
  14. 7-Russell 5-Bell Co 3-Greenup County 2-Wolfe County 1-Owsley County TB-Greenup County
  15. 7 Rowan Co 5 Buckhorn 3 Bell co 2 Johnson Central 1 Jackson Co TB: Johnson Central
  16. 7-West Carter 5-Lawrence Co 3-Barbourville 2-Lee Co 1-Raceland TB-Barbourville
  17. IMO the best team in the region is still out of the 61st district (Fleming Co)
  18. 7-Perry Central 5-Owsley 3-Letcher Central 2-Knox Central 1-Cordia TB-Perry Central
  19. Rowan Co. 76 Boyd Co. 63 Boyd Co. 21 15 10 17 63 Rowan Co.17 19 20 20 76 Boyd Co. (10-9) -- Hunt 25, Wallace 5, Taylor 2, Griffith 4, Lowe 6, Stacy 5, Jarrell 2, Burgess 14. Rowan Co. (11-7) -- Stone 25, Newsome 14, Thacker 9, Brown 10, Barnard 4, Graham 5, Callahan 7, Lee 2.
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