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  1. I think there would be more support in running ukfan#1 out of town than Marksberry. Ukfan you don't have a clue
  2. Very weak in my opinion. You will bash a school and program with stories that are fabricated but not mention where you heard this lie protect the guilty.
  3. This thread is just an attempt to bash Dixie and Tom Spritzky after they win because talking about the game wouldn't accomplish that. I expect more fromthe founder of this website but I guess I am wrong to do so. If your source is so solid tell who they are, stinkyboy II manned up and said who his source was.
  4. It is a bash because anyone who has ever read you post can see the intent of the title of the thread you bash Tom Spritzky for everything he does, it is clear you feel he wronged you in some way and have it out for him. Not crying just pointing out your extreme negativity towards Dixie and as a Dixie supporter I get sick of hearing people who simply hate the programs or coaches and bash them for everything they do. You can support your program without bashing others. If the truth hurts I am sorry!!!!!
  5. Do you really think that this decision was made based on the result of the freshman game. Raiderbird you really have it out for Dixie don't you? There are probably 1 or 2 schools in NKY who would play Highlands voluntarly and you call Dixie out, who have played Highlands probably as many if not more times than anyone. Why not call out the Highlands alum who avoids them at all cost be it changing jobs or classification to do so. You make a point to bash Dixie whenever you get the chance. What gives can't you support the program you have adopted without bashing on someone elses?
  6. I am not arguing his record he is great football coach I am just saying if you want to get your 2's work and you have a team that can crush everyone you are in control of when they enter the game. The clueless line was more meant that he probably hasn't been the team loosing in these games very often if ever.
  7. I just think the whole comment is idiotic his reasoning is weak in my opinon. He could always play his number 2's before it got to a 45 point spread couldn't he? I really doubt anyone on the bad end of a blow out enjoys it as much as Dale did in his example from the article. Just shows how clueless the "haves" can be.
  8. So when they win it is the talent and when they lose it is coaching?
  9. What is the location and time for this game? To answer your question I hope not but history tells me they probably can.
  10. 1. If it all starts with coaching doesn't the coach have to get credit for the past 3 seasons success at SK. 2. There are people who claim to be Ryle supporters that feel differently. I think they are crazy also.
  11. Correct craziest thing I have ever heard in my life maybe he should go coach at Pendleton County if he like getting beat that bad. http://www.kentucky.com/2011/09/23/1893249/mike-fields-notebook-coaches-bedeviled.html
  12. "We wound up losing 134-6, and it was a great day,"
  13. I have 2 questions for no reason other than curiosity Is Will Bardo the QB that got hurt in the St. X game if not what was that kids name? Were there 2 Bardo's and 2 Cecil's that played QB for the Birds in the last 10 or so years?
  14. If the band only plays when the visiting team has the ball I think it is pretty clear why they are playing.
  15. Funny thing is Spritzky is one of two active head coaches in NKY who actually has beaten Highlands.
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