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  1. Rebel, I totally agree with what you're getting at. It makes you wonder if Boyle is really that good! Boyle stomped a good Madison Central team that beat up on, what I thought, a good Mercer County team. Then the following week they crush Warren Central who everybody thought was going to be a close game. We'll know what Boyle is really about when they travel to Lexington to play Henry Clay! :thumb:
  2. GO REBELS!!! Alot of players touched the ball on offense meaning they really mixed things up! The defense was swarming the ball and looked sharp! Boyle has a pretty darn good test with Henry Clay coming up! I'm ready for friday night!
  3. I'll predict Boyle to beat Henry Clay this year. Henry Clay has talent but they aren't nearly as talented as last year. I think Boyle is just a little bit too much for HC and Boyle wins this one... Boyle County 31 Henry Clay 20
  4. Who wins and why? I say it's going to be a tight game and i'll give my prediction once I know more about Henry Clay. :lol:
  5. Thanks for the updates and stats BaseBallFan! :thumb:
  6. Bret Marshall interception into the endzone. Celebration penalty, lol. Boyle is up 41-0 with a Warren Central timeout.
  7. I don't think anybody predicted this score. People talked of Central's size as if that was going to win the game for them but just goes to show that size isn't everything. How about that Rebel defense? I believe I heard one announcer talk about how they are swarming the ball like Chuck's old defense use to do.
  8. 3:05 left in the first half, BC has the ball on Warren Central's 33. Boyle still up 28-0.
  9. Boyle is really using the Warren Central turnovers to their advantage! Making them turnovers into points on the board. Boyle is looking sharp on offense thus far. Mason is really spreading the ball out, he's doing a good job! GO REBELS!
  10. Boyle County has a very good Sophmore in Lamar Dawson. This kid has lots of size and potential, he will make a BIG impact on the Boyle squad this year!
  11. UK's running game! They got a real good trio of running backs but if they don't get the running game going then UK will definitely lose. I don't see UK being able to rely just on Hartline right now, he is just too inexperienced. UK must get the running game going!
  12. Bell County is way too much for Garrad! Bell wins this one BIG! Bell Co: 56 Garrad:13
  13. Boyle County will be 7-3 in the regular season. Maybe 2-3 playoff games.
  14. That's what I thought based on what I heard from the scrimmage.
  15. I can agree with where you are coming from. He does need to improve on his passing if he wants to be successful in the SEC. I think Sanders will get his passing game going, he'll be ok.
  16. This thread was mean't for Mossakowski and Hartline but alot of people think Newton is better than Mossakowski. IMO I do think Newton is better and more of play maker just because of his speed, size and strength. I think this kid could get up to 230-240 lbs, or even bigger, with his 6'5 frame by the time of his senior year. I can see Newton doing some big things in the SEC before his time is done.
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