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Best N64 game of all time?


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For me, N64 or Super Nintendo were my favorite game systems of all time. Im sure many of you can side with that. There were great games such as Goldeneye, Super Mario, Mario Kart, StarFox, Nfl Blitz, Zelda, etc. Personally I think Goldeneye was my favorite, Im just curious what your alls favorite game was for N64?

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No one has got it right so far. We brought the N64 down to the house in Lexington and, after years of PS2 and XBox360, I came to this conclusion: IMO, N64 has the best gameplay. The later consoles have focused so much on graphics and single-player games that, in terms of playing with a group, N64 is the most fun.





2. Blitz

3. Mario Party



BTW MarioKart is the most overrated game ever. Boring....

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