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Best Lineman Class of 2011

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How in the world can you determine who will be the best O-Lineman from a class that has 3 years to graduate?


I'm glad somebody said it....it will obviously be a player that works his butt off over the next two years....and most likely has been graced with some size as well.


But, why even approach this question. Too early to discuss and you are putting a lot of pressure on a young player.

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I don't know about "lineman", but I have a good idea what "linemen" will be at the top in the 2011 class. Greenup County's to be sophmore linemen include Brian Grayson, Jonathon Kitchen, Jake Abrams, Cole Potter, Shelby Worthington, Zach Ratcliff if he continues to play, Saxton Falloway if he continues to play and Steven Howard. These guys are a RB's dream and a QB's best friend. To see these guys step on a field can be mind blowing, as Freshmen they had the size and skill of some varsity lines.

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