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  1. First, 1 great RB does not make a team. Trinity would be better oh playing 9 games than risk injury or pay MS to play a 10th game. The RB has signed with Michigan. Please explain what additional exposure does for him now.. Looks to me like he is fully exposed.
  2. Disagree. You could have two top 10 teams in the same district. Finishing in top 8 is nothing to dismiss. But does not automatically place you in top 10. Basketball is a great example... The top 16 teams ARE NOT in the Sweet 16.
  3. Howard didn't get the shot that Jones did, but Howard was the better back, jones may have had more college potential... But Howard was a beast... Not to take away from jones either. Those may be the best duo of all time ...anywhere in ky. I agree, Jimmy Bevins could do it all... We would practice 3 times a day and then watch film at camp and he would still get up at 5AM to fish. He would be cleaning fish while teammates ate breakfast. During non camp summer weeks he would shoot clay pigeons between practice. He seemed to have every athletic skill.
  4. Jim Bevins, How do you leave him out of the discussion.
  5. Louisville might have been more fan friendly 20 years ago. Ask Louisville to hold it at the Yum Center and see what happens. The arenas are not cheap, Rupp or UK isn't providing the court, the KHSAA pays for it. If Louisville was the most economical and fan friendly place to have it, it would be there. Please note, the KHSAA did not have a lead sponsor this year. This is the first time they have not had one in about 10 years. I'd say this was a major financial hit for them. I applaud the KHSAA for attempting to operate within their budget. About time we had organizations attempting to get the finances right. Keep in mind the KHSAA had their own budget blunders in the past, but that was under prior leadership.
  6. I was talking to Jay Bilas and Dicky V interrupted us, neither of them see Bolden playing above mid major.
  7. You cannot transfer for athletic reasons. When you write the letter to obtain eligibility at your new school you cannot mention athletics ... Too many people state the coaches had something against their child or the facilities are run down or they simply want better coaching. All you have to do is say we are moving, period end of discussion. But basically, say nothing about athletics to the KHSAA as a reason for your move to the new school.
  8. It really doesn't matter... It's all about the play. Lets review the threads ... This year - the Best tourney ever? Sweet 16 still the greatest show on Earth? Game so crazy and wild players just survive. Fact, is the players produced a great tourney. Forget the lasers and confetti. It is high school after all. Lets save confetti for the pros.
  9. I think it's because everyone was watching the games versus looking at this years awesome program.
  10. It's all about matchups, I think MC matches up nicely with Ballatd. Both teams can score quick and often. Defense will be the factor.
  11. I don't think JH can score with MC. But JH is a team full of men though. If they want to go inside they will.
  12. Where every score is apparently a highlight!
  13. Without question.... Clay co vs Ballard in Freedom Hall. Farmer va. Future NBA player Allan Houston. Farmer put up 51 I believe. Houston was much taller and Farmee would back him down and shoot a high arching shot that just kept dropping. Best performance I have ever seen by far.
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