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  1. I'm not talking about general comments, I'm talking about naming a player by name.I may say something to my pals or in the stands but not on here for a kid to see.
  2. Maybe all you guys should be coaching special teams for BC!!! I'm pretty sure if they had some one who was better they would be back there!As a FC fan at the game at Friday I will say that young man is the best running back I have seen since Jordan Kramer at Highlands.I hope he doesn't read these threads with all you supposed fans critical comments!These are our children out there playing a game for THEIR enjoyment.:madman:
  3. Alot of us Franklin County fans are cheering for FHS.I think I have a slingshot I can loan you!:thumb:
  4. I work outside every day.I can tell you when you do something physical you will forget about the weather and roll on.It's when you stop that it is a problem.Going in the locker room at half time might do more harm than good.If you go in, come out five minutes earlier than normal to warm up.
  5. While the "high" technique may be safer for the tackler, it can be more dangerous for the ball carrier because of the high/low hits IMO .Linemen are protected from this by rule. .You have the potential of the same injuries as the horse collar tackle with the high technique when it is an angle tackle as opposed to a "head on" collision.I am in favor of LloydJ3's method.
  6. Nice to win a playoff game by 30 pts. when you aren't focused!:lol::laugh:
  7. Don't overlook CENTRAL KY.football!Good luck the rest of the way FHS!!!!!!!
  8. Appalachian State had NO CHANCE against Michigan!FC has found themselves in the last few weeks.I know that EJ is not the best measuring stick but FC has found what has been missing all season in the last few weeks.Good Luck FC!!!!!!!
  9. Best effort all year by FC! Across the board,offense,defense,special teams FC put together a great game.Keep this intensity and next week could suprise alot of folks!:ylsuper:
  10. Wow!That will take a better effort than two weeks ago.Don't think EJHS will see many JV or freshmen in this game, unlike last time! I will just be glad I will be in the same general area as the field at this game.I've been farther from the field than at EJHS, but only at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville!Hope to see fire and emotion that has been missing all season by the Flyers!Good luck!:fight::fight::fight::dancingpa
  11. Does anyone have an explaination for what has happened to WC offense the last few weeks?
  12. Not sure who pulls this one out but pulling for Hills!If Hills will let Cam Lee kick from 40 yds on in it could be the difference in this game.Hopefully Hills will put pressure on E-town recievers at the line of scrimmage and break up the screens and tackle well.I think they can cover downfield but need to watch the underneath stuff.
  13. I know the score before it ever starts!!! WIN/WIN FOR MUSTANGS!!!!:dancingpa Seriously, North Oldham has to be the favorite in this one by three scores
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