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Game 4: Celtics 97 Lakers 91

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If the Lakers ever had a chance to win...they had to win all 3 at home and steal one of the last two in Boston. The Lakers are a good team....but I think they are done now.


:thumb: Yeah it's over. I look forward to next year with a healthy Bynum.

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I'll give you that but you were still wrong. :D:jump:



I don't know, it looks to me like you were wrong. :sssh::D




18 point game at Half. Keep laughing.


I'll take the Celtics.:ylsuper:


And you'll be wrong.:banana::ylsuper:
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Come back from 24 down to win by 6 in LA LA Land.............. Priceless!!!:dancingpa


Defense wins championships and it will be proven once again in this series, the Boston Celtic Defense was awesome in the 2nd half.


Celtics - 3.....Kobe and the pretenders 1. :ylsuper: (Kobe=great player with absolutely no help)

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