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Interesting tidbit about Hilary's win...

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An exit poll on MSNBC shows that 21% of Kentuckians admitted race was a part of their decision...


Thought it was interesting they had that stat, then they showed Oregon polling as 78% saying that race wasn't a factor in their vote in that state...


Leaves 22%. They played up Kentucky as a redneck state. I hate the media...

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As CNN and Fox said, the concentration of Blacks is higher in those areas.


It was also a very close margin in some Northern Kentucky counties also.


I know some silly parents that are registered dems, that voted against her bc win she won they didn't want to be a part of it. They're in Kenton County.

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Race may put the old white guy in the Big White House.


I'm no where near a racist, don't think it matters to me one bit if he/she is qualified. But I've been saying since March as a republican strategist, I'd rather Obama get the democratic nominee. However I think if the dems were smart they'd put H. Clinton as the running mate. She's done it before and she could likely do it again, if given the opportunity.


Seriously more people know Al Gore for his Global warming campaign than his campaigns an a VP.

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