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ND next year. Can they turn it around?


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IMO, ND is 2 years away from being back in contention. Weiss has put together 3 top 5-10 recruiting classes.


I thought it was the last 2 years but I could be wrong.But I agree they are 2 years away from being back in the spotlight unless they fool us next year.

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Agree 7 wins isn't back for ND. It is on the right track though.


I don't agree. I understand your point, you have to walk before you can run, but ND should NEVER have to look for a 7 win season as a step in the right direction! Just my opinion, but ND should be competitive with the Oklahoma's, Florida's, West Virginia's, Ohio State's, USC's, etc. 7 wins would not be acceptable at these programs, as it is not at ND.


Full disclosure, I am Catholic and LOVE Notre Dame so take everything with that in mind, but the Irisih should have 7 wins built in to the schedule and be around 9-10 wins every year and competeing for National Championships to truly be headed in the right direction. ND is trying to regain past glory; this is the tradition and this should be the goal.

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He has a year under his belt. He is not competing for the spot. A entire offseason that started in dec with weis working on him. Plus the players around him are getting a lot better buddy.


They better be getting a whole lot better if they want to win 6 or 7 games..

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Here is the 2008 schedule:


Sept. 6 - San Diego State

Sept. 13 - Michigan

Sept. 20 - @Michigan State

Sept. 27 - Purdue

Oct. 4 - Stanford

Oct. 11 - @North Carolina

Oct. 25 - @Washington

Nov. 1 - Pittsburgh

Nov. 8 - @Boston College

Nov. 15 - vs. Navy (Baltimore)

Nov. 22 - Syracuse

Nov. 29 - @Southern California


They CAN win all but two of those games.....I look for quite a drastic improvement...somewhere around 7-5.

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