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How good are the Red's next year?

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Untill proven otherwise I will say more of the same........ no playoffs and the front office wanting "Cadillac" players at "Yugo" prices.:irked:

I hope that I am wrong but things now are going to have to be proven to me wth this team/management.

I am tired of believing the front office when they say things are going to be different, we will be competitive, etc.,etc,....(sound familiar to anyone else?:rolleyes:)

Talk is cheap, put the product on the field.


GO REDLEGS!! and.................


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World Series Champs................come on, you knew someone was going to say it. :D


:thumb: That is the great thing about baseball. On the first day of spring training, everyone is "World Series Champs"! Baseball is a great game, has taken some big time hits/shots with all of the scandals, steroids being the latest but the game has always survived and came back stronger than ever..........


PLAY BALL!!!:dancingpa

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