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  1. Decent deal for the reds all things considered.
  2. 26.5 wins per year is doing something with it whether you want to admit it or not. Plenty of other schools have great recruiting classes and fail to be productive at all on the court.
  3. So all that talent on the Memphis roster just magically showed up on their doorstep?
  4. So a former walk-on at a major division I school and assistant coach for 8+ years was handed the Memphis job?
  5. I'm all for increasing the minimum number of innings. We still need another team. We have an odd number...
  6. Just a thought, how does everyone feel about having set lineups for a week period? Personally, I would love it. That would take a lot of hassle out of having to check it everyday
  7. Chapman would be the number 3 guy at best in the rotation. Cueto and Latos are as good as they get. I'm sure the Reds predicted Cueto getting hurt after one batter in game one...
  8. Who's everybody keeping? I've got Trout, Kemp, Adrian Beltre, Matt Kemp, Starlin Castro & Adrian Gonzalez that i'm trying to decide between.
  9. Votto while he was 100% last year. .348 .471 .617 14 HR 48 RBI Yeah, he wasn't productive after he got paid...
  10. FWIW, I saw a tweet yesterday regarding Chapman. I can't remember who it was from but basically it said a rival scout thought the Reds would be crazy to start Chapman. Apparently he was 91-93 in a AA start yesterday and couldn't get any pitch except a fastball over the plate.
  11. If there's not a prize, is there any way the invite can be resent. I screwed the registration process up I think.
  12. Can't remember, is there a prize for this league? If there is any sort of prize, I won't be able to come back this year.
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