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Corbin 38 Simon Kenton 35


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Just now, TheDeuce said:

It couldn’t have been that bad. Crone’s deep pass that was dropped got fine there just fine. That FG would have been a chip shot.

I agree Crone's pass looked perfect with no interference from Mother Nature.

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Great game down until the final whistle it seemed.  SK having their QB back and #1 running back is a plus.  Hopefully, they can build off this.  First week back with both playmakers on the field for offense.  6A is wide open right now.  Put in some work this week and get ready for the games that put you in the drivers seat come playoffs.


Corbin seemed like they had a good crowd that traveled a long ways for the game.  Hopefully everyone makes it back south safely.


With that said, any insight on SK's receivers?  Seemed like SK just dropped back and threw some bombs at times.  Is that typical?  Any speed guys at wide receiver that can cut across the field.  I would think Crone can make those throws given his achievements at QB for SK.

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515 yards of Offense? 

And lost? 


Is that a joke? 

There is this new "thing" ... called defense. Good grief ... try it some time. 

Seriously ... are people proud of having 515 yards and offense ... and not winning? No offense -- but that isn't a good look for SK. I notice SK person(s) here always seem to be quick with stats ... I fail to feel good about stats like this when the team didn't win. I mean -- not trying to be a jerk -- but that really isn't some to brag about. 


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