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Is Ethan Atchley out at Bullitt East?

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9 minutes ago, FLYGUY said:

Why would they let him go number one? What makes him such a great fit at Lex. Cath?

I can't answer the 1st question, but I'll try my best to answer the 2nd. Coach Atchley is a proven winner. Just look at what he did with LCA prior to him leaving. 6-6, 8-5, 12-1, 11-2, 9-4, I believe he was the OC for Lafayette before that. So to answer why he would be a fit, I guess he's a winner, he has a great offensive mind, he is likeable dude at least when he was at LCA, his wife did teach at a Lexington public school at the time.    

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I have a really credible source that told me almost a month ago that he was going to Lafayette. Obviously he could be wrong. But it sounded more like they were working out details. Other than that, if he were “let go”, the principal is a football guy. I could see him being upset with yearly job flirtations. 

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