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  1. LCA gave up the big play one too many times on D. That with 2-3 penalties on 3rd down doomed them.
  2. LCA defense keeps OC out the end zone inside the 2 yard line as time expired.
  3. WC has not seen a defense like FD all year. That will be the major difference. The soft schedule WC plays during the season does them zero favors in preparation for games like this. SK was their toughest opponent and you see what happened there refs or no refs. I do however don’t believe it will be a running clock.
  4. Going with my college roommate in this one. Lick gave the freshest fades on campus back in the day. Atchley's offense is tough to prep for. It is all gas and no brakes. I think if NCC's secondary does it's job NCC handles this one with ease.
  5. Who has Metcalfe played? I think Danville would be 10-0 if they played the Metcalfe schedule. On the flip Metcalfe would not beat Bullet East, LCA, Boyle, or Mercer. Danville is Danville’s own worse enemy.
  6. Spoke with some locals over the weekend and they said that WOFO was very sloppy Friday night. Something like 6 turnovers and a lot of laundry on the turf. May have been just a 1st round snoozer but definitely something that can get them in trouble down the road.
  7. Good point, CC did stop Berger which is not easy to do. -7 for the game
  8. I always pull for Eddie but I think he’s got his hands full this time around.
  9. Danville is big and physical upfront and Brown is one of the fastest dudes I’ve seen on a high school football field. He doesn’t go down easily and has great vision. The biggest thing for Danville is if they can handle adversity in the event they get down a score or two. They tend to implode when things aren’t going their way.
  10. Brown is a dude. Metcalfe hasn’t seen anyone that fast.
  11. They see it on Sunday so they think it’s acceptable on Friday. There are no role models these days.
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