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  1. Not sure it would have mattered since FD's JV got beat by Great Crossing and LCA's JV put a running clock on Great Crossing. Either way glad to see some media on JV games on these boards. These guys work hard and deserve some pub.
  2. Was anyone at the EKU 7 v 7 this summer where Boyle and FDU went at it? Heard it was close with FDU pulling it out in the last seconds. Also heard Lantern didn't play for BC which is a factor...
  3. They will probably practice in the mornings - they have been known to do that on occasion.
  4. Corbin 41-12 Scott 20-14 (broke Scott Co 17 game win streak) Great Crossing 46-6 Bullitt East 28-6 Freddie D 30-14 Woodford Co 58-22 Franklin Co 60-20 Harrison Co 42-0
  5. LCA JV wrapped up a perfect season by thumping Corbin tonight 41-12. Teams they beat include: Franklin Freddie D Corbin Woodford Scott Co Great Crossing Bullitt East Harrison Co
  6. JCPS is a dumpster fire. I feel sorry for these kids. A lot of them already have the deck staked against them then they have to deal with this crap. Meanwhile the private schools are hiring more people to answer the enrollment hotline lol.
  7. Obviously FD fans like to hang their hat on last years victory against LCA and use that as a measuring stick in and on every thread that comes up about them. Last year's FD v LCA game was the best thing to happen to LCA. But at some point FD has to quit hanging their hat on a game that was played over a year ago, with different players and a score that didn't represent the game at all (LCA 7 turnovers). Facts for 21' - FD's opponent record is 34-48 and Boyle's is 44-38. Boyle has played much better competition then FD. The fact that FD has to play other Lex public schools really hurts the
  8. 3A is not very competitive this year and Haywood didn't forget how to coach. They will be a tough out in November.
  9. Yup - it was ugly early - LCA let off the gas mid way through the 3rd and had JV in. The whole Murray v Mayfield thing seems to be playing out just like last year. Close games with splits.
  10. If FDU beats Boyle I think they will take over the number 1 spot in the RPI.
  11. Unfortunately Woodford's schedule is soft outside of scheduling Franklin Co. Their regular season schedule does nothing to prepare them for the playoffs. With that being said I do think they make it to the 3rd round but from there it's big boy football. We will find out what they are made of. I'm a big fan of their QB Patterson - great kid with a cannon.
  12. Mason Moore could be the best all around football player in the state. He gets it done on both sides of the ball in big time big game fashion.
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