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Escape from Alcatraz...they might have made it?


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Just finished watching a program on History channel where the family of the Anglin brothers worked with a retired US Marshal to determine if the brothers not only were able to escape but also survive.


They had Christmas Cards supposedly received from the brothers...no real help, couldn't verify when/where they came from.


DNA compared to bones found in SF bay...verified that they DID NOT match the Anglin Brothers.


Photo given to the Marshal, reportedly of the brothers in South America taken in 1975 was taken to a forensic photography expert...his finds in his words, "Round up the Posse" he thought it was them. They showed what he did comparing the photos and it is uncanny how much one of the men's photos matched a known photo of one of the brothers. Said it is High Likely that it was John and Clarence Anglin in the photo from 1975.

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