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  1. To well coached teams. I like BC in this one by 8 to 10. They have been solid this week and are trending up. Whoever wins this game will add a quality win to their resume.
  2. Well said Goldy. GRC historically for their size and location hasent benifited from a crazy amount of transfers. Minus the Zollo years it's been a trickle. With the location, soon to be new gym, and a coach the kids seem to like, i think GRC is on the edge of something special. I had GRC at 40% chance to win the region. I'll up that to 60%+ for at least the next 2 seasons. There's a new sheriff in town!!
  3. This has the makings of a great first round district match up. Paris pulling away late 71 - 63 Very emotional battle between two schools separated by 1 mile. I've already got my fan and will be arriving early for a good seat!!! With these crazy temperatures I'm hope all the schools can keep the gym floors from turning into an ice rink. #ParisPride
  4. Jones is back but moco is still not playing very well. With mason's suspended players out, a bad moco team will beat a suspended Mason co team by 15+. 2 teams that were once potential region finalists this year, are now middle to bottom of the pack squads. Campbell, Paris, Scott and GRC are now the cream of the crop in the 10th.
  5. Agreed!!!!! The 10th is way down. After the top team or 2, Elliott would hang with any squad within the 10th. I'm a huge Paris fan, but you guys are making Elliott way worse than they really are. Paris has really improved from the beginning of the season, but LCA will be a very difficult task. If paris can figure out how to compete against size, I think that would put them on even footing with Campbell Co.
  6. I was told this coming week. But honestly I'll believe it when I see it. Playing without him in the long run will help. Should be a much different team once he returns. Being back for the Gateway tournament could be a nice boost for a team that's been struggling to win games. I'm picking Mason Co to cut down the nets.
  7. Watching paris this year, my concern has been rebounding when the shots aren't falling. They get after it on the glass, but they are small across the board. (Except Wells) I can see some teams that they might not match up very well against. They have all season to figure it out. 10th will come down to the draw and who gets hot.
  8. I don't like the stuff Trump spewed the other day, but HRC hasn't shown me enough deliverables from her long political career to sway my vote. I'm not throwing mud on any poster for voting for their canidate of choice this year. These 4 canidates are extremely weak..
  9. VOR, Me and you have disagreed on this from the beginning. As this race has went on its only gotten worse. I refer to CNN as the "state run media" now. Cnn will have 1 or 2 Trump supports against 4 or 5 Clinton supports night in an night out. It's like watching 6 hours of Hannity, lol. Fox was clearly more biased then CNN and MSNBC but those days are over. The trust in the media is at an all time low by the American people.
  10. I'm issuing a LEVEL 7 Trigger warning on this thread, you've been warned. Continue on ....
  11. Neither canidate, expanded their base imo. Trump stopped a little bleeding.
  12. What's the over/under on another Trump tape before Wednesday?
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