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NKY 2015 MS Football Week 2


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Thursday August 20


Games at Bracken County

Ludlow vs Holmes 7th 6:00pm

Bracken vs Newport Catholic 7:30pm


Saturday, August 22


Games at Twenhofel

Campbell 8th vs Turkeyfoot 8th 9:00am

Summit View vs Twenhofel 10:30am


Games at Tichenor/Lloyd

Newport vs Campbell 7th 9:00am

Beechwood vs Walton 10:30am

Tichenor vs Sharp (Pendleton Co) 12:00pm



Byes this week



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Turkeyfoot beat Campbell County. It was a good game. Campbell had a chance at the end but threw a pick 6 to end the game. Again Campbell was a different team without #44 in the game. He only played a limited amount in the game and towards the end took a big hit and went out. Hope that kid is okay. Turkeyfoot has a solid team again this year.


Tough break for Twenhofel. Lost their starting QB and all around play maker to an injury on their 3rd or 4th offensive play. The word around the stands was a broken bone. Without him in the game their offense was in disarray. Several QB's were rotated in with zero success. Summit View has a really solid team. SV's defense is really good I believe they scored 3 defensive TD's. 2 pick 6's and a fumble recovery for a TD. They have a solid offense with backs that run with power.


I look forward to the Turkeyfoot vs Summit View game.

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I am not sure Twenhofel is that far down this year. They did beat Campbell last week.


Summit View beat Woodland last week 33-12, and one of Woodland's TD's was the first kickoff return. Summit's defense is all around tough. Not too many holes on the team for either side of the ball. Summit View did have 3 defensive TD's but also turned the ball over on fumbles 3 times during the game inside of the 10 yard line and a drive that looked to be like they were going to score ended at half so that could have potentially been 4 more TD's for Summit View.

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Turkeyfoot and Campbell game was fun to watch. #22 for Turkeyfoot and #44 for Campbell are both playmakers. Neither played the first quarter of the game and it was 0-0, once both started playing the offenses took over. It was back and forth the rest of the game until #44 from Campbell was hurt again on their last drive.

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