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Simon Kenton 70 Male 67

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I really enjoyed the broadcast.


Thanks, Neerfan! Glad you enjoyed it. We enjoyed broadcasting it. Exciting game; SK jumped out early and never really let Male get their legs under them. Pracht with a great game tonight; 20 points and 8 rebounds, unofficially. Sammons had 11 in the first half 3 of 5 beyond the arc) and finished with 14. Fries added 11. Pioneer fans should be real happy considering SK beat a good Male team despite Mullins being largely shut down....Mullins finished with 9 rebounds, unofficially, to lead the Pioneers, but on 6 ponits on 1 of 5 shooting (4 for 4 at line).


SK did a phenomenol job of getting to the line and largely won it there, hitting 24 of 35 free throws, including 15 of 22 in the second half. Male actually outscored SK from the field (62-46), but SK won the battle of the stripe, 24-5. Male with only 9 FTA.

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