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Small Plane Crash in Boone County (we have pictures)


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On Twitter, the Cincinnati Enquirer says that the plane crashed on Houston Road in Florence.


I need help from you pilot people but Houston Road is right in the glide path to CVG. When the plane crashed several years ago in did so at World of Sports and if it wasn't for a couple of well placed trees that plane would have ended up on Houston Road.

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It wasn't near Florence.


It was on land near Dale Williamson Road near Rabbit Hash Road


1 person is missing and the other was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.




After I posted on BGP I saw the correct location on Twitter. Crash occurred much closer to Rabbit Hash, as BF originally posted.

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Kind of a bizarre story. :lol: They worded that strange but it makes it sound like he just bought the plane, flew it until it was out of gas, then crashed in Rabbit Hash.


^ I wonder if he was trying to commit suicide? Very strange.


Agree with you both on how bizarre this is.

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