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  1. HC by two TD'S without a doubt SK'S season comes to a end this week! There big chance came last year and they were out matched, the same thing happens this week, only against a much weaker opponent than Trinity!
  2. I also hope he enjoys beating Conner this week because Ryle owns the District title this year! It will be a while before SK makes a trip back to the state title game! Yes Conner is a shell of the team they have been for the last two years, but SK is nowhere near what they had last year!
  3. Not that I owe you a explanation, but I never said it was in the rule book! Its taught by people far more qualified than you to drag your foot across the bag on a 4,6,3 double play, if possible! It assures momentum towards first base and also lessens the chance of injury between the runner and infielder! In most cases the umpire allows this practice to occur because of those reasons! You can watch it happen time and time again in a pro baseball game! You can't expect a fielder to come to a complete stop and stomp on the bag, just so stud fans like you can be convinced that the runner is out! PEACE OUT!
  4. This photo proves nothing other than its a close play!
  5. I have to disagree with you on that call Clyde, although it may have been close that call is not made, no way! Shadowing the foot across the bag is common practice and is textbook! The ball beat the runner,the throw was on target, this technique is called an out 100% of the time and was another horrible call in a key situation! Great game by Dixie and Conner, ultimately the three run bomb was the dagger that decided the outcome, but I have to say a couple of these umpires don't deserve to be at either district or regional tournaments! Honestly I have seen more blown calls this year in key situations than I care to remember! Debating balls and strikes is always an issue and changes from umpire to umpire, I get that, but incompetance in big game situations is ridiculous!
  6. What controversial call are you refering to?
  7. He has had less than 50 AB's at the varsity level and Sat. was senior day so they didn't use him! Besides he is a true Frosh and dropping him down is not a shock for big games!
  8. My DOG Cameron Fogle has great day at the plate once again! Congratulations Cougars!
  9. I believe Russell pitched 6 full innings and was pulled in the 7th after a fine pitching performance on senior day! West had a big 2 run hit in the 6th inning and Pugh added a solo HR ( 10 ) at his second at bat! Some questionable calls at home plate that helped the Cougars, but still a nice win against a always tough Cov Cath team. Good luck to both teams in the districts! :ylsuper:
  10. No doubt! Bob always gets the best from his players, good luck to you Beechwood!
  11. Nice hitting performance by Conner, Roberts was on base 4 times 2BB, 1b, 2b, Pugh 1b, 2b 3rbi . Its nice seeing Parker starting to hit again, we definitly need his stick! My DOG Cameron Fogle also had a triple and rbi. It wouldn't be a Conner game without atleast one base running mistake!:lol: Also 3 errors, way to many here lately. Good luck in the tourny Cougars! :dancingpa
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