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  1. Love seeing “Crazy Horse” Beard coaching up Artie.Classic!
  2. Because you probably don't have to work in it?
  3. I hope Sk does well and I think they will.But yeah CovCath will be better.
  4. Some others worthy of mention,Jimmy Vonhandorf,David Wilson,Barry Jones.The one player who stood out to me was Greg Lukey.He was a monster of a running back and it's a shame he didn't finish there.Truly one of their best backs(all due respect to the many great backs)to play at Cov.Cath.
  5. uncle1968

    FedEx or UPS?

    The reason for the info notice is because your package required a signature in person.That's on the shipper.It's probably a high value package or else I'd gladly driver release the package.I hope this clears it up for you. The "Big Brown Machine" rolls on.
  6. Dude you need to get a life.
  7. I would think CC and Dixie are glad they won't see CovCath again this year.
  8. We are eating our crow thank you very much.
  9. Good for him.Cov Cath is a great place to be.He'll love it.
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