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  1. Maybe a little older too:thumb:
  2. Bell County has been known to start a few freshmen. I would say they have had a pretty good program over the last twenty five years.
  3. I know Knox is 0-2 but they have played two really good teams. I agree not very many freshmen make an impact but I believe that the Canady kid could start for any 4A school. I am not trying to argue with anyone just watch for the rest of the year and see how he does.He is 6"1 180lbs. and runs a legit 4.5 forty. In the North game a senior intercepted the ball and Canady was twenty yards behind him stopped, and in five more yards he would have ran him down. He is a special athlete with a lot of talent and any school would be glad to have him on thier varsity. Just remember the name Jeffrey Canady.
  4. Name some impact freshmen in varsity football so far this season. I can name one for sure.Jeffery Canady from Knox Central. He looks like he has been playing at that level for years. I have also heard of a linebacker at the new Harlan, not sure of his name.
  5. I thought this was a very good game. Both teams played very hard. I was impressed by the speed and overall talent by Somerset. I was happy to see the young talent for K.C. step up and make big plays. I give Barger and A he really stepped up and answered the call. I also couldnt believe the speed of J. Canady. He played his heart out and really stepped up. He is the fasteset freshmen i have ever seen. I guess we will see another Canady playing big on saturdays soon. Great effort by both teams best of luck to both I think each team will only get better.
  6. When first heard of this the selfish person that I can be at times thought wow this will hurt his recruiting. I thought how could he go into a family setting and field questions from moms and dads. I felt it would help my team. after some thought I am ashamed of myself for my feelings. My thoughts and prayers go out to the coach and all involved.I hope that everyone in this sitiation heals and comes out of this stronger and a better person. I know its made me look inside myself.
  7. Very quick team at every position.
  8. Two nice adds for the panthers are Turpin and yes another Canady that runs like a deer and strong as a horse
  9. I think Merrick will be the hardest player in the district to replace. He helped the defense a whole lot kicking it out of the endzone everytime.
  10. Knox Central has one of the best prospects in school history.Remember this name Jeffery Canady. He is 179 lbs runs A LEGIT 4.5 40
  11. Maybe the book could be called "Bars I have been tossed out of"
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