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  1. Any update on the injured Williamsburg player?
  2. Calpreps is really good. Its a great place for scores from around the country. They also have the GCL south as the best in the country to answer another thread.
  3. We could go the route of Colorado and give the Home field to the lower seed in the semis to be "fair." I am little surprised they even bother to keep score with that mentality....
  4. Beechwood vs Delphos St. John (Ohio) or Marion Local (Ohio)
  5. NKY Harry and OCNB are spot on. I can only add as a long time observer: 1. Team speed. Not just the positions you expect to be fast but every player. 2. Excellent athletes playing on the line. (even if they have to be moved to the line from another position) I just never see any other team commit to this as a rule.
  6. I have to say I got those number from a different site. They had them broken down by state not school. I do think the level of play overall is slowly improving. I see school B looking at school A and saying "we are still not winning against them, how do we get better." That approach forces team C to do the same thing. (or at least it should)
  7. Here is the record of KY against out of state schools for the last 9 years. year W/L winning % 2011 45-46 49% 2010 37-58 39% 2009 40-51 43% 2008 24-31 43% 2007 25-30 45% 2006 41-44 48% 2005 31-43 39% 2004 28-45 38% 2003 30-44 40%
  8. The first time I ever saw a Belfry game was in the semi-finals at Lloyd. (In a driving snow storm) I was impressed then and I still am. Well done Coach Haywood.
  9. A gentleman, a professional and just a nice guy!!!!!
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