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  1. At least at UK he got a car...all Pitino could offer him at Louisville was a great seat at this little Italian Restaurant he knows
  2. I guess in the end that momma won out in the recruiting battle. Funny is that wasn't Leslie saying that he was gonna wait until everyone else had committed before doing so and that he wanted to be the last guy to commit...guess that won't happen now if this is accurate.
  3. I know it is off topic a bit...but anyone else notice in the mock draft Washington taking both Cousins and Orton...would be interesting to see those two on the same team in the NBA. I know it is only mock draft...but still interesting to see!!!
  4. Howard Beth has been a legend in the 1st region for as long as I can remember...don't be surprised to see his son Aaron to take over the reigns at Marshall County. Aaron has been his dad's top assistant for several years and has coached most of the girls on the JV level. I have to believe knowing how much of a family atmosphere that they have with the Lady Marshall program that if Aaron Beth does not want the job then they will look at current Murray Lady Tiger and former Lady Marshall standout Rechelle Turner (formerly Rechelle Caldwell) to be the next head coach. I agree that it should be a sought after position...but would be shocked if it is not one of the two that I have listed above. Good luck to Coach Howard Beth on his retirement from the Lady Marshall basketball program.
  5. I agree...take the so called last four in and last four out and let them play to determine who gets in. Don't punish the small schools who did what they needed to do to get their automatic bid to the big dance. Also I think the ratings would be better to have some of those teams play as more than likely it would be teams from the so-called power conferences playing each other for their NCAA lives. Either way I hope this is the idea they go with instead of the ridiculous let every kid get a trophy idea of the 96 teams in the tournament.
  6. i just wonder if Leslie is waiting to find out what Patterson is going to do before making his decision. If Patterson stays then his playing time just went down...if Patterson goes to the NBA then Leslie pretty much walks in and starts on the front line.
  7. My question is whether or not this so called writer (who probably the closest thing he ever saw to a court, field, or anything else to do with athletics has to come from a video game console) will have the same outlook if the Cards football team wins 8 or 9 games this next season in a watered down football conference or will he be saying..."It's nice to be winning again". This was by no means a slap to UofL football as I want them to win every game but one each year...just that this "writer" needs to shut up, go drink his juice box and go back to his coloring and cartoons and let the grown ups have the computer again!!!
  8. True...the NCAA can also come and say that playing in front of 23,000 screaming fans is too much of an advantage and strip you of all of your home wins...of course that is ridiculous...but then again the NCAA is prone to doing things that is ridiculous!!! So let's enjoy the big kid and have fun again next season...
  9. Apparently they cropped off the other half of the picture with Pitino on his hands and knees praying for the elite 8 and one and done talent
  10. The one thing that has not been mentioned yet is how will Cornell handle the newfound attention they have been getting after their first two wins by the national media. UK has had to deal with the scrutiny all season and have played in big games all season. Also I highly doubt that UK comes out underestimating this Cornell team especially with everyone not being a UK fan pulling for the Big Red. If UK comes out and plays the way they can then they should pull away in the 2nd half for a 15 point win...if not then it will be a nail-biter throughout. The one big advantage UK has is that they can keep a couple of bigs in the game throughout with Cousins/Orton while at some point Foote has to come out for some rest. If I am UK...I come out early and feed Cousins early and often to challenge Foote and try to get him in foul trouble...and even if he misses that leaves Patterson in good shape for the rebounds. UK also has to get Cornell into a running game with their press even if it leaves to some open threes for Cornell early...it will wear them down as the game goes along. Should be a fun one to watch...GO CATS!!!
  11. Pitino: "Watching this AAU game with John Wall is making me sick" Cal: "Watching this AAU game with John Wall is making me oh so happy!!!"
  12. Nice to see the Cats come out and put this one away early and not have to sweat one out against a team that we had outmanned.
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