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  1. Maybe so, but it's a simliar team from an offensive perspective. Hager wants those long drives that completely demoralize a defense. I don't know a whole lot about Corbin.. and you're the one who's going to be watching the film, but from what I gather they are a VERY athletic team. But once you get a good look at the games, let us know what to expect. :thumb: I think our whole clan is going to the game, so also let us know about some restraunts
  2. Hey bro if you remember thats the same style we faced against Leslie at Leslie when we were a 4 touchdown underdog. Leslie was undefeated in 2006 season, winner played Belfry for the regional championship. You remember that 11 minute drive that resulted in a huge touchdown for SC, who came back to win the game. :sssh: I think SC's chances are a lot better in this one than everyones saying.
  3. I would be inclined to say Johnson Central.. but with the way they've been playing I don't even know.
  4. Well it's always been this way. Old habits die hard, friend. :banana:
  5. Really wish I could have seen the look on the face of Jim Matneys face after this one. Bravo to Hager and my cards. It seems as if Hager just outcoached him tonight. Great game and good luck to both teams in the rest of the season.:ylsuper:
  6. Apolegetics in a Pluralistic Age - Kenneth Boa The Universe Next Door - Sire As well as my favorite of the three.. Expository Sermons from Galations - W.A. Criswell The first two aforementioned are for class, and are really starting to take their toll :ohbrother:
  7. Wasn't able to make it but a great game nonetheless from what i've heard. Really disappointing for my cardinals but we'll get back in the gym, look at the footage and get right to work. Hats off to the LC team for a well-earned win. It looks as though an old rivalry will be revived now that LC is getting back to where they've been, but more importantly where they belong. There's nothing more exciting to watch than two MOUNTAIN teams playing smashmouth football. Give me that anyday!!! We'll look to improve upon this loss and once again hats off to the bulldawgs and good luck in the rest of the season. We always pull for our Mountain brothers. :thumb:
  8. P-Burg notches a couple of big early wins. Will be interesting to see where this momentum takes them. Grats to both teams.
  9. Regardless, I was very proud of my cards. They did a wonderful job holding a good Breathitt offense scoreless. Look forward to seeing what the future holds for these two great teams.
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