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  1. SSC - I think you have me confused for the wrong guy. I know the prior NDA coach well but will not comment on issues that I was not privy to personally. I like the new coach, the way the NDA softball program is moving and wish the NDA girls and their program nothing but the best of luck. They have obviously done things right and I assume that they will dominate their weak district and contend for the region starting this year.
  2. The real need for the lights stems from the fact that the practices and games for all the sports happen in the heat of the day, especially on Saturdays, and due to the KHSAA restrictions, lights give them the best opportunities and flexibility to practice and play.
  3. You have too be drunk to make this statement. She doesn't have a clue and her past results with the Explosion and now release from Boone show why. Hase no idea how to relate to players.
  4. Keep Chip off the phone during your practice and lining up his next student and he's just fine.
  5. That's because NDA finally has a program and now consistancy...they have a foundation built over the last few years, depth at each position and good athletes who are not playing other sports. No secret here, this team will just get better.
  6. Chip's problem is he was alway on his cellphone trying to make his next deal. John Zoellner is at Wilder Town and Country but he has a different approach than most. Like what I have seen from Chris Minor's subjects. Save yourself some money and watch a website video and then work with some area coaches with a pitching background. No one in NKY knows enough to make a difference.
  7. There is something to be said about the Saturday afternoon tradition though.
  8. I hear the Diocese and Bishop will not allow the lights to be funded - anyone else got info on this?
  9. I heard today that Moeller and CCH will begin another home and home series this coming 2012 season. THIS IS A GURU EDIT, IT LOOKS LIKE THIS IS BEING TALKED ABOUT FOR 2013 AND 2014, IF WE GET ADDITIONAL INFO WE WILL UPDATE THIS THREAD.
  10. Coaching change may or may not have helped - this team was going to win and continue winning in a weak district and with a developed talent pool. The biggest difference is the current roster has young players (mostly sophs) dedicated and committed ONLY to softball year round. They have matured and gotten better at each position with another year under their belts. And they will continue to get better with more game experience if they stay together. The old and new coaching staff should be commended for getting the program back on track and keeping it moving in the right direction. As far as the field, I think that has been a collective effort of ND admins willing to spend money while they did the soccer field and other campus improvements as well as, again, a group of committed players and their families. Good to see another NDA sport succeeding.
  11. It will be the same teams, same districts, same regions - Ryle and Conner, Dixie and St. Henry in Regional Semis - one caveat would be if Boone can overtake Ryle or Conner
  12. Jeff is a great coach, but let's lay off Troy - guy can hold his own and is better than Finn ever dreamt of being.
  13. I agree, I was answering SSC's posting. My apologies as my personal observation had nothing to do with Bella's situation.
  14. No problem with parents, just the behavior of a few which you find at every school and can ruin it for everyone. I'm not a coach so I can't comment from the sidelines, just the stands and my personal observations to the backstabbing and badmouthing that takes place about coaches and high school players. Usually, it is those parents who think they can do better, or their kid is the best and should get more (playing time, attention, etc.), etc. What I have found is that the issues and complaints the parents have is only important to them, not to their son or daughter. The kids need to learn to speak up on their own if they have an issue about something or someone. They will need to have that skill in college and the real world.
  16. "Our numver one rule at ND is to not bash KIDS" Are you joking? You obviously haven't sat in the stands next to MOST NDA (or for that matter most other high school) parents in any sport!!! If you have, you are either oblivious to their comments or have turned a deaf ear.:ohbrother:
  17. There is no doubt that dominant pitching, regardless of the grade (Smith, Sims, Shackelford, etc. or people who have graduated), make a coach look good - but more important, whether its reloading or rebuilding, those schools that have coaches who have established GOOD PROGRAMS are the ones that win year in and year out. Ryle, Conner, Bishop, SK, Walton, Bracken - they may not all have good coaches in the game, but they have built a softball program and community that is dedicated and players and their families are willing to make a commitment to winning. Love them or hate them, you can't deny their win totals and success year in and year out for the last, say 10 years.
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