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  1. Did Beechwood take a step back this year? They do not seem to be the same team that ended last year beating NDA and making the Region.
  2. Good for the Lady Cru - good luck to them and their new coach...they hired the right female coach mentioned in this blog. They got this one right.
  3. I believe there are some KHSAA requirements for high schools to meet for sanctions and participation in post season, including fielding a varsity team.
  4. Walton lost 3 kids and Helton kid is injured...not to mention their point guard now has a broken nose.
  5. I don't think its a rumor...shame though...good talent at NDA but numbers down overall. Not sure they are #1. Time will tell:popcorn:
  6. Have you ever seen the way he treats his players. Their is absolutely no slack given, none! As I said in the Beechwood thread. He's probably one of the toughest coaches out there, but he's consistent and fair. So he is just like Myerhoff. :notworthy:
  7. Give Calvary a little more respect - congrats - you beat them...no reason to emphasize the obvious.
  8. Nice option to have when you plan or get lucky - can never have enough pitching!
  9. The Ryle/CCH game was horribly reffed. Officials of any sport need to gain control of the game from the start, beginning with the meeting with the captains, and work with them on the field. The cards and ejections should be a last resort. KHSAA did a good thing with softball/baseball a few years ago when they implemented an option for umpires to restrict players and coaches to the bench instead of going to immediate ejection thus allowing for cooler heads and avoiding the automatic suspensions. Soccer reffing has been brutal this year, my biggest observation has been the lack of hustle by ARs to get into position for offside calls and by the Head Ref to move from the mid circle to see the action in the box.
  10. Stewart, Finke, Schaefer, Rose, Terry or Sullivan - that's NDA's IF. "I remember when my daughter was a freshman and how bad we were. We have come a long way. Raiders, Cougars, Look out!!!" I love the confidence with Jones and Smith there to compliment your daughter's talented class, but please tell us Shamrock, how bad were they??? :popcorn:
  11. Approximately 40 girls with Campbell County zip codes went to NDA this year
  12. And yes, Bobby is a great baseball man so congrats to him and good luck with the young Tigers.
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