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  1. Gotcha, Your guess is as good as mine.:idunno:
  2. Since JMU put me in the same category as you Lawnboy, I guess I will answer you. From my knowledge, I heard the coaches vote on this.
  3. 386 out of the 387 new assistant staff is to football, sorry other Highlands sports:sarcastic:
  4. Gotta say I agree that the 1987 team was the best. I played against them and their speed was awesome. You couldn't take a play off on that team:isurrender:
  5. I never said I wasn't old:ohbrother: All kidding aside, Maddy did a great job with my dd. Hopefully she can absorb some of the the things she told her, because my dd wants to play at the next level also. Thanks to you also JMU:thumb:
  6. Just want to give a shout out to Maddy! My dd is strong as a bull and Maddy showed her how to use that strength. Big thanks to the old guy too as well:ylsuper:
  7. Ok, I take that back, I don't want to be in that group!:scared:
  8. My dd spent some time with the old DAD, she would like to learn from the Pro (Maddy)lol
  9. I wouldn't be running my mouth at all on this thread if I was a NCC Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, Grandpa, Grandma, Step Dad, Step Mom, or even related to any of them somehow!! Did you see what the Camels did to your (Worst ever, in my book) State Champions?? Just because the Camels are getting some eyes on them for doing good, your worried about getting some of the players that are on the fence to go to NCC or CCHS, I get it. Well, if you can wear that State Championship with pride, your probable one of those guys that still wears his letter sweater out from time to time:lol:
  10. Anybody can beat anybody in GIRLS sports! This is a great example:idunno:
  11. You have an easy job Lawnboy, all the stats are legit:ylsuper:
  12. It was Brossart 1 to zip until the wheels fell off in the 3rd inn. Multiple mental errors, and physical errors did the stangs in. Bourbon has too good of a team to give them 6 outs an inning. Congrats to Bourbon and good luck the rest of the way.:thumb:
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