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  1. That is great about the sizes of the NKY schools. I didn't realize that. There are several schools just north in Ohio that are close to 3000 (Oak Hills, Fairfield, Mason, the Lakota's). I think it is great that the school sizes are not that big.
  2. So the size of the school should be dictated by athletics of the other school? I thought schools were about educations? And aren't "student-athletes", students first?
  3. This might be an unfair and too subjective question, but within the 9th Region are their big schools that typically underachieve and some small schools that overachieve? For instance, in Cincinnati, you have Oak Hills High School that has 3000 plus kids walking the halls, but when it comes to athletics they are never very good. Which blows me away that you can have that many kids and not be better. The excuse is that the Catholic schools steal their players, but you can't tell me with 3 middle schools, and 3000 students, you can't be more competitive. Is there anything like that in NKY? I know this is a KY website, and I didn't mean to control my post with an Ohio school, but I am just trying to get a feel. I know names of KY schools from living close in Ohio, but really don't know much about the programs and such. Thanks again in advance.
  4. Ohio just added 2 games recently to allow 22 regular season games.
  5. I lived the majority of my life in the Cincinnati area, but lived some in Columbus. There is good basketball in Cincinnati, but I am excited about being in NKY and learning new teams, rivalries, and traditions.
  6. In today's world with all this "purge" stuff, and school shootings and such, I wish you would have chosen a different way of describing your post. I am sure it was innocent, and maybe I am being over sensitive, but I think it could have been described differently. Funny post, just don't like the usage of "killed".
  7. I did some researching on the KHSAA scoreboard website (that is awesome). Do the Boone County schools get into big rivalries? What about the river schools? Are the Catholic school rivalries as intense as the Cincinnati ones (LaSalle, Elder, St. X, and Moeller)? Are there any cool trophies or items that any of the rivalries play for? Thanks. Sorry for all the questions.
  8. Do they play a lot of games at BOK center? Never been in there yet. Thanks for the info.
  9. I think you might be thinking of Northwest High School that had all the losing, then in the last year or two had good seasons. Walnut Hills was 4-6 last year and 5-5 the year before that in a pretty weak ECC. Like you said, by no means a powerhouse in Cincy.
  10. In another thread it was mentioned to me that since I am new to NKY and live in the 9th Region, to get out and see as much of the basketball as possible. So what are the must see things? Players to watch? Good coaches? Best gyms/atmosphere? Best rivalry games? Traditions? I am open to any suggestions and appreciate the feedback. I love high school hoops and am not picky about size/type of school. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I plan on hitting a lot of the boys varsity games at a lot of different gyms. I love the atmosphere at the high schools that have a lot of school pride. And with so many schools in close proximity, I will be able to see a lot of great basketball. On a side note, I love how the KHSAA website has that scoreboard feature that shows schedules, stats, and standings. The Ohio HSAA doesn't have anything like that.
  12. Wow! That is hard to believe. But with the strong tradition of KY basketball, it must be a system that people like or they would change it. Thanks for that extra tidbit.
  13. Gotcha! Thanks for the information. I will erase and delete "NKAC" from my memory I live in the 9th Region. And know from looking at the KHSAA website which schools they are. I am slowly figuring out which schools are in which Districts. Looks like geography can help or hurt you a lot in those in regards to small schools. But hey, look at Hoosiers, the little guys always have a chance. And like you said, they have the all A. Thanks again!
  14. I got on the KHSAA website and researched the D2 and D3 teams from last year and there was a pretty big divide within it. Is there any talk of going to 4 divisions? Silver Grove 17-13 (D3) Bellevue- 16-12 (D3) Ludlow - 15-11 (D3) Highlands - 9-15 (D2) Dayton - 7-18 (D3) Holy Cross - 7-19 (D2) Lloyd - 6-24 (D2) Calvary - 5-12 (D3) Villa - 5-19 (D3) Heritage - 3-19 (D3) Cov Latin (not listed above but I assume they are D3?) - 0-19 (D3) I know small schools have their ups and downs, but it seems that some of these schools don't have much a chance to ever have success. I mean with the economy tough on schools and budgets, these small schools would have to travel pretty far to be able to play teams that they have a chance to compete with. I don't mean easy wins, I mean just to compete with. The KHSAA showed a lot of blowout losses. But if as someone posted no one puts any real emphasis on the NKAC then I guess it doesn't matter. I come from a DIV school in Ohio where we were in a DIII/DIV league and had a chance to be competitive. And then when state tournament came around, again we had a chance at some postseason success because it was just against DIV teams. I am not trying to sound dumb, just learning about the KY way. Again, I appreciate peoples comments and helping to educate me on it.
  15. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it very much!
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