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  1. There are coaches in Boone County that tell kids if they don't play for a certain softball organization that they will not make the high school teams.
  2. Good luck to Duke - he gets to watch his son play baseball now.
  3. I think she was the 4th best pitcher in NKY this year....including 8th, 9th, and 10th
  4. TOG - please continue for us who can't make it.
  5. The year Robby Mitchell was a senior comes to mind.
  6. The coaches poll is a joke...they give votes to teams with losing records. Most coaches have their statisticians call in the votes and stats at the same time. Brossart has a little more experience on the mound than Ryle and Conner, but Ryle's lineup 1-9 is too much for Brossart. Ryle has the deeper of the teams, Conner a very close second.
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