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  1. Heard the AD let him go and decided to go in a new direction, not sure why, but hard to figure given all the positives and recent success of the program.:idunno:
  2. Blame the papers - no KY Post in paper anymore and the Enquirer has very little interest in NKY sports. James does an admirable job - gone are the days of Terry Boemker and Gary Ball.
  3. NKY is dominated by volleyball, then soccer, after that probably basketball - since fastpitch is still somewhat new, there are very few girls that can and will play at such a high level. Too much to compete for as far as high school sports and club since society is telling the girls they have too play club year round to get the scholarships, which may be true since most college coaches can go to one tournament and see more players in the same time frame versus one game at a time. However, I still believe that if you are good enough, and your high school coach is worth trying, they will find you. I think NKY has such few good coaches and there is such a turnover - new coaching positions available at Campbell, Holmes, NDA and I hear several other schools.
  4. Morgan on the list from SK = that leads to a question of the credibility of this team. I think Cassie is the best all round player in NKY, but IMO only.
  5. Field - debatable, but same for both teams. Umps - terrible. Birds - nice touch for the seniors on both schools. Coaches on both sides are doing a nice job building programs. Field - take a look at the field NDA is putting together under Meier. Did the same at Villa. It takes a lot of parental involvement, private donation, administration support and lots of free labor. NKU - was available to be shared but HHS coaches wanted control. Most importantly, hope Shelby is alright.
  6. This game was a comedy of errors - two umpires who don't know what an out is, much less the rules of the game or consistent strike zone for either side, a field that made an ice skating ring look solid, unusual ugly play on both sides from the defense, a game full of walks, mostly during the rainy first few innings and the inability to get medical personel and an ambulance down to the field. Most important thing about the game was the Birds' got to celebrate their senior night and we hope Shelby is okay.
  7. Absolutely - seen it twice this year - jobs, boyfriends, car and/or all of the above.
  8. They have 30 players from 7th grade up. Three Frosh pitchers will only get incrementally better. Starting 7 frosh, 1 soph and 1 senior plus they are getting all the nice young athletes that are getting cut from volleyball. Having their coaching staff does hurt - they know what they are doing. The field is nothing more than catching up with the rest of the public schools and St. Henry.
  9. The R word should stand for "Religion", "Reading", wRiting and aRithematic!!!!
  10. There are no "feeder" schools anymore. Those walls were eliminated during when they did away with "out of district" or "out of feeder" parishes paying higher tuition. Everyone pays the same tuition rates now. No more "feeder" schools. Go where you want and your school should be selected based on the best academic standards.
  11. The JV games going on around the tournament were more exciting.
  12. Yes, Big Green Horse - please expound on "much improved" - record doesn't show it.
  13. 3-0 ballgame (on unearned runs) until the sixth when the starting group of 7 frosh, 1 soph and 1 junior reared its - uh oh - here comes another one of those "big" innings head.
  14. NDA leading 11-7 with two outs in the top of the seventh and lose - Highlands got a gift from NDA.
  15. Good top four hitters, not very good 5-9.
  16. They got a gift from NDA tonight.
  17. This team and program is two years away from making a run and staying equal with Ryle and Connner.
  18. Umping was terrible all the way all round. Interesting note that both pitchers were throwing no-nos through 3 complete, until 6 walks and two errors by NDA led to a 6-0 4th inning.
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