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  1. Don't have rabbit ears while on the court, focus on your job - player, coach and/or ref.
  2. They changed it the last couple of years for the talented younger classes.
  3. Against yet another annual transfer - this time from WV.
  4. So I've heard, but I think they are 8th graders this year.
  5. Hopefully not - like HC's team and they got some very good offensive players and great kids. I am not familiar with these pitchers but hopefully they are enough to lead the Indians to be more competitive. You are right - its all about pitching. If you have a pitcher that can record 10-12 strikeouts a game, it takes a lot of pressure off the "team" and they only need to make about 10 routine plays a game.
  6. Moran is the best position player in the region, but with Hermann and Beth allowing her to come and go for a select sport instead of the school sport - well that just leads to trouble and puts the coach in a bad situation. It can't be received well by the rest of the team members who are there all the time. I would say dedicate yourself to the school sport or don't play, regardless of how good you may be. Just ask Meier - starters were benched after choosing club volleyball and other activities over NDA softball and he's not coaching there anymore. NDA has a new coach and returns 8 starters, including both pitchers, from the District championship team - 7 sophs and 1 junior - so I still give them the nod as the "best team". HC and Holmes have a couple good/great players but not enough to make up the difference. JMO :popcorn:
  7. NDA returns 8 starters (7 soph, 1 junior - including their top two pitchers) from a team that won district, beat HC 3 times and after losing by 2 runs in the regular season games, beat Holmes in the finals. Their lineup, pitching and total team talent will be enough to be the one or two really good players that Holmes and Holy Cross have. Honestly, Beechwood returns everyone from a team that played all three teams tough last year.
  8. Dale may be dedicated and I hope his health is improving and this is not slow pitch. NDA should dominate this district for years to come. Agree coaching is tough and coaching stability is important, but this district is not exactly an example of coaching stability.
  9. Parents ruin high school sports - many times they are the ones who have an issue, not the player. These young men need to learn to address the coaches themselves as it will be expected in the classroom and on the field at the next level, as well as a future job. Mommy and daddy can always be their protectors. The only time parents should get involved in high school sports is when the safety or well being of the student/athlete is at risk. Otherwise, stay in the stands and enjoy watching your child play. And kudos to Demler or any AD that backs their coaches - its a thankless job.
  10. Agree - I was there. How about (and God bless Coach Hauck) but throwing the ball. Boone had very capable QBs.
  11. OK - so then 1988 when none of those conditions existed. Either way, Paducah Tilghman was loaded with talent and athletes.
  12. Completely wrong - if your looking down to Draud and the 5th grade, you must have missed the Pius games as all 3 teams won everything. Draud and Morgan are decent, Agnes not so much - look out for the Tabeling, Meier and Schmahl girls out of Pius. This will be the group and grade, together, that will beat Assumption. I'm calling it 8 years early.
  13. KHSAA and their districting/regionalization is a joke. Football is a perfect example. They have fallen to the "everyone has to win mentality" - championships are easier and they are not losing the true meaning of having one champion.
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