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  1. If I'm a Cov Cath linebacker, I take the newspaper article and quote from the Enquirer last week when the Highlands RB said that CCH D could not stop their O and pin it right between his eyes on the very first play from scrimmage. He won't want the ball the rest of the night. His team may win, but he won't be celebrating.
  2. WRONG!!! The only right answer is you pick a school based on ACADEMICS - if softball can help you pay that for 4 years then that is icing on the cake. There is no doubt your daughter is good enough to play anywhere - pick a school that has a great reputation for what she wants to study and play softball as well. Her education will carry her through life and pay the bills, softball is a hobby after college. Knowing the Allens, Kirsten is absolutely ecstatic about getting to play D-1 even with limited playing time, but is most excited about getting her education and looking at grad school.
  3. Versus that great coaching your receiving at HC??? Name on coach in NKY that is a "top tier" - and remember lucking into dominant pitching does not count. Who actually has built programs?
  4. You are correct - the summer teams were there before, the parents (if you consider Seiter, Peddicord, et al) as "the parents" were there before, but the amount of success in the summer and fall teams as well as the come togetherness for a long extended period of time did not happen until Meier arrived. This has been moving consistently forward for 3 years and will continue because of the successful foundation and new found love of the sport by a group of young and talented sophomore class who have their dads behind them. I'm just a parent that liked the way we were all working together and moving forward. Don't need an explanation from Kim but don't understand how this made NDA better, especially now that there are two Stephensons (and parents) coaching at NDA. Don't like the parent coaching at the high school level, especially competitively at the high school level and definitely not at NDA. NDA has too many politics going on to and the school starts with their advertisement of sports - starting with volleyball, then soccer, etc...again, one must only look in the entrance hallway to see the celebrations - athletics first, then academics - though YES I DO RECOGNIZE NDA SELLS JUST THE OPPOSITE - it's just the preception when you walk in the lobby. From my seat, right behind the home plate, this coaching move was calculated to settle the upcoming issues that were going to have to be dealt with when it came to club volleyball playing for Matt Long, the Varsity Asst Volleyball coach, and NDA softball. You only need to look at the number one pitcher from last year - she will either be removed or passed up going forward unless they allow volleyball to dictate the rules of engagement for play NDA softball. If you don't take my word for it, ask any of the current sophomore parents.
  5. But none of this ever came together on and off the field until Meier connected the dots between the community, administration, players, parents, etc. There are a lot of kudos to go around but there is no doubt Meier got this off the ground with a feeder system, summer programs, the field, JV and Frosh teams, and bringing in some very qualified coaches. Hence the reason most of the coaches are coming back....the real question that I don't see answered is where is there real improvement....wasn't the current direction going in the right way doing it the right way? As far as your list of "qualified" coaches - Stephenson, McMillan, Mel, Petroze, Birkenhauer, Montgomery, Baker, Baer, Brinkman, Petradis....just a guess on coaches who were involved or interested.
  6. Maybe that is because you had an up and coming softball program growing lots of interest at NDA and throughout NKY. Meier was a walking billboard for NKY girls softball and specifically NDA. With that comes interest...
  7. Joe coached the summer teams at NDA for Coach Meier (including their daughters) the last couple of seasons, and from what I have been told, he will be retaining most of the entire staff. His ex-wife is the Head JV Volleyball Coach - that may very well be the key. There is no major change here in experience or knowledge- good baseball guy with kids in NDA. He is a solid pick for the program but not necessarily an upgrade from the prior coach. Pretty much same team and coaches with different Head Coach - so what exactly did NDA gain here? Who were these "qualified" candidates to have most of the staff return? Does Joe answer the looming and potential conflicts of softball and club volleyball? I sometimes question Kim's thought process in these matters. Good luck to Joe and the rest of the softball pandas.
  8. A good Title IX attorney could fix that especially with not being able to get an ambulance down the hill last year. There is no good excuse for that incident.
  9. Its all driven by the club coaches...follow the paper trail.
  10. Make that #7 behind Tennis and Lacrosse - or so it was prior to the last 3 years.
  11. So why did Walt resign? He is going to be missed in the high school ranks? Any heir apparents to take over?
  12. So any idea who the next coach may be - and don't say Mel!!!
  13. NDA softball is always going to struggle for the top athletes. This past coach is just the latest in a long line of softball coaches at NDA who have had to live with that. He or supporters cannot use that as a crutch. That's known coming in and the new coach will have to understand that as well. Add in that very few of the girls play in strong development leagues and you've got a recipe for .500 in a good year. Again, all of the coaches have had that issue. Unless a stud pitcher shows up in Park Hills it's always going to be a challenge on the diamond. AMEN TO THAT - I think you're right, just semantics. Here's hoping this new group sticks together and gets a stud pitcher.
  14. OK - so as a parent on the outside looking in from the fence, where we belong, let's break this down. 1) "Never" as in true softball athletes, or athletes, in general. The current team now has young athletes. 2) And an athletic supporter of NDA, not specific coaches or people. Yes, I said it - be an athletic supporter even in girls sports. 3) Inaccurate - we will agree to disagree but consider these facts since I have followed it closely and had a rooting interest in that class of 8 seniors - they did not have enough players. 4) They were the leftovers of the old coach, Sara, and at best had 3-4 legitimate softball players who could have played for other average to above average teams in the region. The rest of the team was fair at best. Most of the seniors had checked out before the season planning senior trips and college visits. And the team could not hit anytime during the 2008 or 2009 years, regardless of the coach. 5) Duvall and Seiter were average pitchers at best when compared to Hausfeld, Miller, Hamilton, Morgan, Robinson, Crail, etc. There was no pitching behind them after James, who was the all around best player on that team and is a 1st team 9th region player today, transferred to Dixie. 6) Peddicord, Hudson and Krallman were respectable when healthy or when they showed up. 7) Why is it that there were ZERO seniors in the Class of 2010 - can't blame the most recent coach for those numbers. That seems pretty accurate, unless you trust Mr. Duvall's stats which are as accurate as Mel's. Take Lawnboy's advice and go watch this team regardless of the new coach, they are talented and the old coaching staff has them set up for success.
  15. NDA never had stability with a bunch of varsity players doubling as their JV and a coaching carousel. Last year, they had enough players, including from the parochial feeding schools, for a Varsity, JV and Frosh team. It looks like they were trying to build a program which included the involvement and development of young talent and an improved field. Were they good - not matched up vs. Ryle or Conner, but they ended up starting 7 freshmen and a sophomore, basically a JV team playing a varsity schedule with good and bad teams. And they were good enough to win a district title for the first time in 11 years which was a start and the teams in their district, barring mass improvements, are not going to catch them in the near future. You have to win your district before worrying about the region and they have no control of their district - that's the KHSAA alignment. What they now have is a foundation to build upon into the future, competition for positions and pitching depth, they never had that in prior years and coaches. The pieces are in place for a lot of success the next few years, especially in a weak district and quite frankly a very bad group of NKY teams. That's why Ryle travels outside the region so much throughout the year, no competition here.
  16. His assistant coach is the summer ball coach. The AD decided to go a new direction. He did not resign because of his wife's illness as he has coached the last two seasons under those circumstances which makes this decision all the more puzzling. Simply, his contract was not removed. From what I know, he played the younger players over the upperclassmen which made many of the upperclassmen parents mad and several upperclassmen quit. The coach set standards that some of the players were not used to or could not live with and they left. And then there was an issue with club volleyball players who played for a NDA volleyball coach and missed NDA softball games and practices for club volleyball practices and tournaments. A position a head coach should never be put into but volleyball is queen at NDA - that is common knowledge. The AD is one of the former very successful volleyball coaches. That led to another set of parents being upset, complaining to the AD and so the decision to move in a different direction was made. Under these circumstances, the NDA softball program will continue to play second fiddle to other sports.
  17. http://nky.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20110822/SPT0302/108230334/-Peterson-still-football-limbo?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s Here is the job posting in the Noteworthy section that I saw in the paper. At the Freshman athletic orientation last night, they had the job listed as open but there were no explanations given as to why a change was being made...they did have several athletes talk about their experiences as an athlete at Notre Dame. One girl said she played softball and that they won their first District title in 11 years. KHSAA and NDA website still shows the old coach and had them at 15 wins. I know they were young and talented. I think they had a Freshman, JV and Varsity team last year. From what I have heard, this is one of those head scratchers but involved several parents. I guess it will all unfold over time. There's always Lacrosse. :confused:
  18. With all due respect to Mel and his success, he does not fit the NDA coaching profile. Plus, he already committed to continue in his AD position at Brossart.
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