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  1. No problem with them at all. He plays the game the right way and doesn't go out and self promote his own self talking his own self up like another great player in this series has his whole career. No problem at all with his wife either, until this post about it being rigged I didn't see anything wrong with what she says. He does things the right way and even after losing his cool and getting thrown out he realized he was wrong with throwing his Mouth piece and apologized to those fans. The way he plays the game and conducts himself on and off the court and no talking up his own self is how we should want all players to be like. Game 7 should be fun to watch. Just like Klays comments probably motivated James after game 4. I think James mouth and especially the refs will have Curry angry and motivated even more for game 7. I think we finally have a close game and will be a game 7 we always remember. Should be fun.
  2. I would say that this being the first game the NBA finals ever had 2 40 point scorers on the same team is not playing as they are capable. It was playing better than they are capable. The Cavs got killed in the media in game 4 for James and Irving taking all the shots. They did it again this game but this time they made shots at an insane rate. Plus James consistently hitting jumpers is not normal. So if both teams are at full strength and both play to their full potential then the Warriors are still the more dangerous team and this season proved that.
  3. What's interesting? Is there a story behind this?
  4. Agreed! LeBron does not know how to play within a team. He has to dominate the ball to be at his best. However him dominating the ball doesn't allow for any flow or Ball movement in the offense. It's either a LeBron shot or a one pass and shoot offense. Just in in 2011 as you mentioned James looked lost because Wade was playing very well and had the ball in his hands more and LeBron had no ideal how to play. James is one of the best of all time, but there is only one style he is able to play in to be his best and that doesn't always allow the others on the team to play their best because their is no flow.
  5. I prefer this much more than watching guys shoot free throws every other possession.
  6. Are you able to say who you heard? Im interested in knowing too.
  7. I do agree on having replacements for guys who don't play.
  8. They should not stop playing this game. Does it need to be cleaned up a little bit sure. However for many kids it's their last game ever playing and it's a chance to play with guys they have gone against throughout high school. It's nice seeing players come together and play with emotion like these guys do. I believe they practice together for a little bit more than a week and yet players come together who don't even know each other well and try to go out and win still and play hard with the guys on their team. So while some of the extra stuff needs to be cleaned up a bit. This is still a great game for the kids and fun to watch. Much better than the pro bowl where they don't even tackle each other.
  9. I have said this a few times the way LeBron has to play to be dominant does not allow other star players to play to their best abilite. Even with the Heat Wade and Bosh struggled to look as good when James was there. Wade even looked completely washed up his last 2 years with James. With James he has to dominate the ball and there is very little Ball movement. Yes he creates shots for others but it's a one pass offense with him. Which for some players it's hard to get in the flow or rhythm of the game with him. On the other hand James makes lesser players look better than what they are because he can create shots for him. Basically it's hard for another star player to look like a star player with James. While Love has his flaws if he went somewhere else he probably would like an every year type all star player again.
  10. It's crazy to say but the Bengals have become one of the best run franchises in football. They are built to win now and in the future still.
  11. A lot changes in one year. I feel you are letting this year's versions of the Grizzlies and Rockets effect your memory of last year's. Just like last year the Hawks were a top seed in the East but this year they ended up a 4 seed. Things can change a lot in one year. While the path for the Warriors last year was not as hard as it could have been if they faced the Spurs or Thunder. It was still tougher than the teams the Cavs went through this year. If you put the Grizzlies in the east then they year in and year out would have been a top 3 seed the last few years. The Rockets also last year actually cared and played their best with their star players in the playoffs. Could the Warriors road been tougher with the Spurs and Thunder, yes. Was their road still tougher than the Cavs this year? Yes. In fact if last year's Warriors had this year's Cavs path, I think they may have swept their way to the finals. We seen how the Cavs 3 point shooting killed those teams. The Warriors would have been an even worst match up for those teams.
  12. No doubt. That is why I said he still has a long way to go. However many people acted like they seen enough to know he will never hit well. I think he has shown glimpses of getting better. Which for the year he is now close to having one of the best averages on this team. I have always hated how fans around here are quick to act like they know exactly how someone will always be. Even during the playoff teams a few years back during those years peoole wanted everyone gone at one point and say how those players suck. I just always hate how negative and quick to give up on players people around here are.
  13. Im sure glad they haven't sent Billy Hamilton back down to the minors, since we were all told on here how he would never hit big league pitching. He still has a long way to go but he is showing the more experience he gets the better chance he will become at least a decent hitter.
  14. Price is not the reason they became bad once he took over. In facr Price has barely been able to use his best lineups during the years he has been manager. Granted he is not great either. If Dusty was still here they would not be any better.
  15. They were a team that plays fast too, and can play fast with the Warriors buy also have length to go with it. The Warriors are a bad match up for most teams, while the Thunder was a tough Match up for them. The 3 point shot was the difference that helped the Warriors pull it out.
  16. Haha my bad. This is why I don't post in basketball to often, since apparently I don't know what people truly think on things since I don't read these threads often
  17. It seems everyone can admit he was a big gambler correct? So even though they may not have had exact rules against it. With as big of an ego he has and how much he likes to gamble. You would have to assume it was pretty realistic to think he may have gambled on his own games correct? Now with Pete Rose in baseball having his gambling thing go public just a few years earlier. Don't you think that if the NBA found out that he was gambling on his own games they were better off trying to hide it than admit it? It's not like they could just brush it off and say stop doing that please, because what person would stop doing that without a consequence. The NBA knew they had to try to do something while at the same time not hurting their star player or the Leagues image. So let's set him up with the Bulls owners minor league team. This may not ever get to be proven true unless someone speaks. However this conspiracy very well could be true. Just like even though LeBron is a gifted freak athletically I do think he has taken steroids in his career. But do you think the league would ever call him out on it? Not all. The NBA protects all their star players.
  18. I hate the excuses people always have for James. Besides the big 3 for the Cavs only Thompson actually got to shoot the ball some. The rest of the Cavs team only had 10 shots total. I don't know how people can help him out more if they don't score. I have had this argument with a buddy of mine for years who always says James doesn't get enough help. Well it's hard for to many people to play well with James. James needs to dominate the ball for him to do well. Any team James is on there is very little Ball movement. Now James will creates shots for others but it's either a James shot or James drive and one pass then a shot. It's hard for others to truly get in the flow of a game with James because they don't touch the ball. With the Warriors they have their big 3 but in their offense everyone still touches the ball and lots of Ball movement to keep people in the flow of the game and is why others beside their big three can step up more often. James is amazing and one of the greatest to ever play the game. However the way James needs to play to truly dominate makes it hard for his teammates to play as well because they don't get into the flow of the game. That style is still good enough to win the east because he is that great, but is why in the finals against the West his team's strugale to win. Talented Team basketball over talented isolation basketball gets it done.
  19. Cal is great at sending out messages online. He probably truly does mean it, however he also knows making more of a story out of how the SEC tournament is meaningless. May actually get the committee next year to actually take into account who wins the SEC tournament. Should definitely help since Mitch is on the committee now too.
  20. So let me get this straight, you start off by saying Republicans would be smart enough not to vote for someone like Hilary like Democrats have. Then you turn around and use excuses for how Trump won the Republican nomination? So now you say it is only because of people who usually don't vote that Trump is the candidate. It seems to me if these republicans that you claim are smarter would have came out and made sure Trump didn't win then. So are you saying these smarter people were just to lazy to get out and vote then to make sure Trump didn't win? I mean its not like it just happened over night, republicans got to see for months Trump slowly winning more and more states, and yet these smarter republicans as you say were just to lazy to get out to vote to stop it? Does that sound smart? What about the last two Republican candidates against Trump finally agreeing to work together to stop Trump, and then an hour later Kazich tells his supporters to still vote for him even though he just agreed to back down in that state? That sure doesn't seem like a very smart move by a said Republican either. It's especially more funny that Trump ended up winning rather easily. While on the Democrats side, if it wasn't for the Super Delegates Bernie Sanders honestly may have beaten Clinton based off of the people's votes. So sounds like the Democrat voters are not as dumb as you want to believe. The Democrat process of super delegates is though. Quite honestly I am sick of both parties and have been saying it for months. I just find it funny when someone tries to claim that one party is smarter than the other people's party. Especially when their party just nominated Trump as their candidate.
  21. Which supports what I am saying even more. A guy who is not even a Republican was able to win the Republican nomination because of Republicans voting for him. It kind of goes against your Republicans would not vote for someone like Hilary. If anything this year proves one thing and that is both Republicans and Democrats will vote for some very sketchy candidates. So it's funny hearing the back and forth from parties acting like one side is smarter than the other. This whole party system is a failed system and is a big part why our country is not as great as it once was.
  22. Its hard to say Republicans wouldn't vote for someone like that on their side, considering who just won the Republican nomination, just saying...
  23. I think the NBA protects it's players from a lot of things. It's weird to me that the NBA is the one sport you rarely hear steroid talk with. Which makes sense especially if it's a star player, you don't want to pin steroid talk on them. So I really do think there is a lot of stuff with the NBA we never hear about.
  24. Well apparently the theory of the Heat vs Cavs was suppose to happen and that didnt.
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