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  1. I really agreed with you till you put Trah Moore of Manual in there that is a joke and he might not even be top ten in the 7th region but is not a top ten player in the state for sure I would take him out and put in terrence britt of fern creek in his place. I love Robert Buckner and believe he is the best in a very down year.
  2. throw all your preseason ratings out the window Robert Buckner of Eastern is playing better than anyone in kentucky right now by far
  3. This was a very good game and Eastern played about as well as they could have played. They are a very good team and a huge threat in the tough 7th region. It is really ashame that these two teams met in the 1st round and is really a joke and a slap in the face to both schools. They seeded the tournament based on the first likenhous ratings which were a joke which made Jtown a 4 seed in this tournament and Eastern a 13th seed which is a joke... Jtown should have been playing Moore,Manual, or St. X in the 1st round and not Eastern. They got the ratings right in the new poll this week but after the tournament was already seeded but anyways this was a very good game with two of the best teams in the 7th region going at it and also now with the realigment they are in the same district as well so will play at least 3 times and maybe 4.
  4. I will take nothing away from scott they played very smart and hard but Jtown just did not come to play. The coach took the starters out 3 minutes into the game and trailed 12-2 at the end of the first quarter. The starters did not return untill 3 minutes to go in the half. A much more spirited Jtown team came out of the locker room and the first 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter they played like they were capable of playing and took control of the game. This is not the same Jtown team that has been earnig the respect they have gotten all over the state as they just did not play well but to Scott High credit when Jtown made their run they took it and fought back hard and they deserve a lot of credit for the heart they showed and fighting tooth and nail against a very good team. They have earned my respect that is for sure. Good luck the rest of the tournament in your next two games and it is good to have you guys here this year!!
  5. Jtown is 7-0 average winning margin is 31 points per game as they are scoring 78 points per game and only giving up 47
  6. Ok I will give you some insight on Jtown they are averaging nearly 80 points per game and giving up a little under 50 with a 7-0 record and a winning margin of 31 points per game. They have 4 starters averaging in double figures with ceedrick ware, Dale Easley, Thomas Coleman, and NIck Gagel. They also have a very deep bench and go about 10 deep. They are as good as anyone in the state right now and It will be a very uphill battle for Scott high. My prediction Jtown 78- Scott 55.
  7. Jtown will get the top seed in the LIT hands down They are 7-0 with a winning margin of 30.5 points per game. I think the other 3 top seeds will be prp,Ballard, and Doss.
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