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  1. Eastern made a huge run in mid-January to win the LIT. But they do not seem to be at their best right now. Who is the hot team right now? Male? Fern Creek?
  2. You can't expect teams who have used so much emotional energy preparing and playing in the ALL A state tournament to be able bounce back and play well. It is a huge expereince and one that often can elevate a team, but also deflate them. Players have only so much emotion and then it is gone! Bardstwon has had an awesome run the last few years. I hope they have one more runleft in them this year. But it is tough....
  3. 6th and 7th region is at the Louisville Gardens starting March 7. In the past the first round games were at winners sites. This year, all games are downtown. 7th region Tuesday;6th Wednesday;semi's Friday;Finals Saturday. Girls play first round games at Bellarmine on March 7,8 and then move to Gardens on March 9 with finals March 11.
  4. Trinity West Jessamone Bryan Station Henderson County Waggener Fairview North Bullitt Belfry Calloway Highlands 119
  5. In Louisville, rough play is the most difficult interpretation to understand. What is considered a foul, what is not? It appears, games are expected to last an average of 1hr and 7 minutes from tip-off to closing buzzer. I am always amazed by that part of game. 2 man crews call more fouls than 3 man crew.
  6. No, but they barely beat Brown was does not say alot. Especially for such a great coach, Coach Drury. One of the long-time great coaches of the commonwealth who does not get enough positive support!
  7. I like your four choices with Male out of the picture. With the change this year, out of town teams can play Tuesday or Wednesday instead of coming in on Friday and Saturday. So I'm not sure top seeds play 9-12 seeds or a mix with out of town teams. It is a different format.
  8. Sounds like you're a well informed fan who has all the info. I hope the stripes don't infer an official. So Doss, Manual, J-town, and Central have to be the top seeds. One new thing will be that all 16 teams will play in first 2 days instead of having the out of towners wait until Friday. That is something that might change the outcome. I do not have a mailing address, just a spot in the corner of a gym. Poor outsight I guess also. How could I forget Central under such a fine coach like Doug Bibby? He may be the best...
  9. Hey, I'm dyslexic! Sue Me! I stand corrected!Way to go Crimsons! I'm glad someone is paying attention! No lovin to the Raiders yet, huh? I guess they received the early season easy schedule for the new coach. Tough loss for Doss last night. It just shows how awesome coach Braden is at John Hardin. Long time great one. Doss is by far the quickest team in Jefferson County this year. They have to be the #1 seed in the Jefferson County area right now. Jeffersontown looks awefully good as well. N respect for Coach Morrow, huh? Maybe the best coach in Jefferson County.
  10. LIT rankings will be based on all games through next weekend (December 23). What teams are already in and what teams are on the bubble and need to win their in-state games in the next 7 days? Ballard is 2-2; Fairdale is 2-3 Trinity is 1-4; Desales is 1-3; Butler 2-3; Manual 1-3. Do these teams have to win to get in or are they out? Does Valley have a shot at 3-2? Moore at 3-1? CAL at 4-1? Eastern at 3-1?Western 3-1? It is based on strength of schedule, but wins count better than losses in most instances. Here is who I say is in a week before the door is closed. Doss/PRP/Iroquios/
  11. There is huge differences in the game in the last 25 years. The game is quicker. Presses are more intense going from traditional 2-2-1 to 1-2-1-1 and run and jump. The three point shot made the game vastly different. The officiating itself is so vastly different it has changed the game dramatically. The jump ball rule has changed in the last 25 years. Great players from the 60's and 70's would still be competitive today but their impact on the game would be greatly changed. Shooters will always be shooters. However, the physical play of today would take away alot of the flash of yester
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