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  1. NCC did a great job to finish their season but I think you would have needed a crystal ball to know that they would have finished as state champs at the midseason point. Sometimes in the playoffs it's who you play, where you play,injuries and how your team has come together. NCC did a great job. I agree to the fact some teams have a easier ride in the playoffs.But I would argue no team in 1A had a tougher road Than NCC. Also NCC played a very tough schedule that gave them that 2-5 record and I am glad they did. They learned to never give up as a result of it. I believe if they were 13-0 with a cake schedule they might not be state champs.
  2. How many people going to watch the replay today (Sunday) on ICN6?
  3. I talked to Michael today and he said Danville was the cleanest team he has ever played against. One of the coaches for Danville met him by his locker room and congradulated him and also said he was a great player. That really meant alot to him. Daville is without a doubt one of the most classy teams he has played against.
  4. I believe for a single player it is. The team itself had over 500 yards.
  5. I believe Michael Vicars should get it. 199 yards rushing and 1 TD. 69 yards recieving and 2 TD's. 55 yards on special teams. 323 yards of total offence which is a new record for a state final. (according to the radio)
  6. Nice article about the game.http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/sports/high_school/16146786.htm
  7. Also the catch in the corner of the endzone, He was clearly out of bounds. He did not even get one foot in. With that said he still made a very nice catch.
  8. http://news.cincypost.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061129/NEWS02/611290359/1014 Nice article in the post.
  9. I believe that it would be a different outcome if they played tommorrow. NCC wasn't playing very good back then.
  10. Yes, he is. But he can walk on it, they just want him to stay off of it untill the x-ray on monday.
  11. I talked with him and that late hit did cause the injury. The other kid did hit him high (actually helmet to helmet) but Michaels foot was planted under him and it bent his leg back behind him. I thought it was his ankle also but it is not.
  12. He sustained a leg injury. Right now we don't how bad it is. Hopefully he will be able to go on Friday. The doctor is going to take a look at it again on Monday and we will no more. We believe it is just a deep bruise to the muscle but untill the x-ray we won't know.
  13. NCC holds them to 4 and out and now going into victory formation. Final 40-24 NCC
  14. NCC 3 and out, punt. Jumpers got ball on thier 28 or 29 with 1:33 left in 4th.
  15. Jumpers Driving, NCC intercepts on thier own 33, 2:33 left in 4th.
  16. 34-24 NCC with 7:37 to go in fourth quarter. Jumpers with 40+ yd. TD pass
  17. From what i heard Vicars was down and a late hit with helmet first to ankle is what put him out, "No Broken Bones" but muscle is sore. 15 yard penalty didnt help his ankle though.
  18. NCC just intecepted with 25 seconds, Burt veidting caught the TD pass. HALFTIME
  19. did Burks score? extra point good? if so that would be 21-10
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