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  1. That Belfry game was the first game of the season with a brand new QB. I am sure NCC is better now than they were on the first game of the season. I think NCC will be to much for somerset. I am going with last years score NCC 35 Somerset 10.
  2. If they do that, Then I see NCC's backfield Burks and Vicars having very big nights.
  3. Forrest has it right, Raceland will have to stop the run. Vicars has 1500 yards rushing and he is not that easy to bring down.
  4. I believe that NCC will be to much to for Raceland. They are a very good team, But Harris and Vicars will cause them problems all night long. Roll out the red carpet,Because here come the BREDS! NCC 35 Raceland 10
  5. I just called my son. The game is over NCC 28 Dayton 0. You were right.
  6. I heard 4:00 tommorrow. And by the way, I love the new offence.
  7. You obviously wasn't at the game. Stupid mistakes and dropped passes saved HC from the loss.I am pretty sure HC did not block themselves in the back on that 70 yard screen for a TD.
  8. The key to HC's victory was NCC,s mistakes.If NCC stops the mistakes they are one of the teams to beat.It will come down to NCC and Beechwood again.
  9. You might of misunderstood my quote.I am in total agreement with you.I think they should line up under center every play and run their offence from there.Play action fakes are so effective,and they are a big weapon that is taken away from us in our current offence.We also have a huge problem with dropped passes.So why not line up under center take some of the pressure off of our Offence and run the ball get a lead,then stay under center and complete a pass here and there by play action faking.(IMO) That is the way Beechwood has had our number over the years.That is a better all around Offence then what we use.
  10. NCC lined up under center the very first drive from center. They had the fullback in and scored in three plays from they 21 yard line.Then the rest of the game they were in that stupid shotgun.Maybe 5 plays the rest of the game they brought the fullback back in.I believe they are trying to get the kids better in the passing game instead of doing what works.I guess they feel without a passing game they wont go far in the playoffs.It should have been 21 to 3 at the half,but these turnovers inside the 10 yardline are killing us.Just like the Ryle game 3 or 4 turnoves inside the 10.And someone else already said it,the play calling is Horrible as with formation calling.This has costed us 3 wins this year.
  11. Nope,your wrong on this one. They returned atleast one punt for a TD in the first half (I thought it was 2 punts but the wife says it was one) and the opening kickoff in the second half.That was there last score.They almost had another one but the Breds had a nice goal line stand.So the CC offence scored 21 points, which I think is pretty good For NCC against a strong CC team.
  12. NCC has too much experience in big games and will win 28-17. I don't expect HC to score 17.NCC d is to good for that.I believe the Covcath offence only scored 14 points. The rest was special teams. NCC special teams as hurt them in several games this year.
  13. I guess you forgot to look at who HC played and who NCC played.If NCC had there schedule they would be 4-0.
  14. The one thing they are doing is running the ball. 183 yards against Ryle and 175 against Newport and 93 yards against a very tough CovCath team.The problem (IMO) is they haven't been able to balance the passing to take some pressure off opf the run.Right now the D follows Vicars on his first step everywhere. 6 turnovers in the Ryle game lost it.Without those turnovers NCC wins.2 were in the red zone one in the endzone.They played a very good CovCath team and did not allow a point in the second half to the Offence.Not saying they would beat CovCath but special teams killed them in that one.They played a 110% better game last week and made great improvements.They are going to be tough to beat in 1A.
  15. I believe Newcath takes control early and wins by three TD's.Newcath has played a moster schedule and it will show this week how good they are.
  16. NCC never quit.I believe that was one of the best games they played this year.Special teams did kill us.They had field position all night. They also ran back a punt and the opening kick off.Our Defence did not let them score in the second half.We still have some things to work out but nothing to be a shame of last night.
  17. I believe they will beat Ryle.NCC would have beat Ryle if wasn't for the six turnovers.I believe 4a will come down to CC and Dixie.Ryle will fight for third with SK.
  18. Untill the defence was flat exhausted Ryle did not move the ball.Say what you want,but the D needed rest and could not get it.Like I said though Ryle's D played great and there O played mistake free and they wore us down.They deserve the win and clearly won.NCC will fix these problems and be fine.
  19. Congrats to the raiders,but to say the game was not close is wrong.6 to 0 at the half.the Breds played sloppy,6 turnovers and 3 of them in the redzone.They will get it together though by the playoffs.It is a long season.A few less dropped passes and turnovers and it is a different game.Our defence played there butts off and has to be dead tired.They were on the field tonight forever.
  20. http://rodeo.cincinnati.com/preps/nkyaudio.aspx
  21. I think This will be a low scoring game.I think NCC's offence will be better and will be the difference.Both defences will be very good. NCC 14 to 7
  22. They are up there right now,along with some CC kids and Bellevue kids and HHS kids.Heck all of NKY is getting drunk.
  23. So do you have a injury report or do you have some inside info on who will play or not play.
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