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  1. Give me a break !!!!!! Even the "GREAT" Dickie Martin said you got away with one on that call !!!!
  2. I wonder why no Ashland fans have brought up the gift call they got when Thomas clearly touched the football late in the second quarter on the punt return ? P-burg comes up with the football at the Ashland 20, down 7 points with 2:00 left in the first half, only to see the "POOR OFFICIATING" crew give the ball back to Ashland !!!!!! Seems like it may have been close at that point huh ? Did think it was rather funny to hear Dickie Martin immediately say the refs were "taking over the game" after Thomas run was called back late in the third quarter "TYPICAL" Dickie !!!!!!!
  3. We plan to turn the snakes loose late tomorrow night, that way they can really hide ! :D
  4. The Burg may not win, but I can guarantee they will be physical every play with the kittys !!!!!
  5. I can guarantee the P-burg fans loved seeing this score! Go Rams!
  6. No.... Neither team scored in first ot, Both scored in second ot and missed conversion and AC scored in third ot after stopping betsy layne
  7. Well, you can't really fault his first year can you?
  8. That last sentence is why they will not win the region "Koogler".........
  9. Bobby Hughes and Michael Burchett from Prestonsburg attended.
  10. I have heard it is down to this Coffey guy and John Parsons
  11. P-burg went 3-0 in pool play today with wins over Owen County 41-14 Holy Cross 28-16 and Bullitt East 42-19 The tournament started with 42 teams and only 7 made it into the championship round. 1. St. X 2. Male 3. Trinity 4. Prestonsburg 5. Franklin County 6. Shelby County 7. Greenville PA P-burg lost 26-21 to Frankiln County in the championship round Good day for the Blackcats!:thumb: P-burg JV went 1-2 with losses to St. X 18-15 and Male 28-6 and a win over Owen County 32-9
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