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  1. Just made another phone call to the immediate family member - Rashad was talked into going to Cincinnati by his teammate. It was a "spur of the moment" thing. They said Rashad was misled in thinking that he could just show up at the school and enroll with no other arrangements made. Hopefully, Rashad will be back by the end of the day. Mercer sure does need him on defense!
  2. Oops! Sorry! I misread the title of the thread. You are right - Mercer will be 5A. My bad!
  3. Can't wait to see what Mercer County will have next year. Go Titans!
  4. Confirmed with family members this morning - Rashad Buster has moved to Cincinnati to live with his uncle. He wanted to go to school where Brandon Ford was going to be going to school. That school is Harmony Community School. His father was at the East Lexington Street Campus on Monday morning with Brandon's grandmother. They both let the school know that they were withdrawing them in order to attend the school in Cincinnati. Brandon was enrolled on Monday and Rashad will be enrolled today (Tuesday). His uncle had to work yesterday and he was not able to get Rashad enrolled on Monday. THIS WAS ALL JUST CONFIRMED WITH A CLOSE FAMILY MEMBER. Brandon will be participating in spring football practice when it starts. If Rashad gets enrolled and is able to participate on the football team, I guess he will do the Spring Football practice too. But for now, Rashad Buster has moved to Cincinnati.
  5. Just verified with a close family member - paperwork is being processed: Rashad Buster has moved to Cincinnati to live with his uncle and will be attending Harmony Community School. Now, Rashad might be back at Mercer if he can't make it work at this school, but for now, he has moved and is attending a different school. What a loss for Mercer's defense!
  6. Rashad Buster has made a trip to Cincinnati with Brandon Ford. Brandon Ford was enrolled at Harmony Community School on Monday. Rashad is in Cincinnati with his uncle where he was suppose to be enrolled on Monday. I will make a few phone calls and see if he in fact did enroll or if he just made the trip with Brandon. Word around the halls at the East Lexington Street Campus is that Rashad's father came to school on Monday morning and withdrew him from the system. I will check on it.
  7. Mercer should be competitive, but they will be very young. Also - heard today that Mercer's Linebacker Rashad Buster transferred to a school in Ohio. Anyone have the details? This will be a MAJOR loss to Mercer's defense if this is true!
  8. Mercer is not having an "official" spring workout. Coach Jaggers is working in the weightroom and conditioning all of those who are not participating in a spring sport at this time. NO OFFICIAL SPRING PRACTICE SESSIONS.
  9. I think this is great what the Boyle Co. QB Club is trying to do as support for the football team and coaches. I am so glad that your school is behind your football program and allowing the QB Club to have this freedom. Wish the "powers that be" at Mercer County would allow the Mercer QB Club to do so during football season instead of ALL gate money and reserved parking/tailgating money going into the athletic department. IMO, some of the gate money and other money that is brought in on Friday nights at Mercer needs and should be given back to the football team (if not all). After all, if it wasn't for the football players/coaches, there would be no income on Friday nights! Good luck at Boyle!
  10. I haven't heard where Marcus Patterson from Casey County is going to play football in college. Any Casey fans have any information on him?
  11. Just confirmed......Andre Brooks from Mercer County Senior High will be playing football for Kentucky Christian. Great addition to the roster. Andre is a hardworker and will give you everything he has on and off the field. He is an excellent student and tremendous role model. Good luck, Andre!
  12. Mercer County should be okay on offense. They are returning Nathan Griffith, Matthew McCloud, and Tyler Mayes for the backfield. Trevor Short will be competing for the QB position against some possible newcomers: Josh Carey, Matthew Robertson, and Ethan Ashford. The offensive line should be okay - returning a lot of experience. On the defensive side of the ball - someone is going to have to step up to be the leader. With Mercer losing 7 of the 11 starters - they are going to have to rebuild, especially with the defensive backfield. With Coach Jaggers - don't worry - he will have them ready come playoff time!
  13. Mercer County Seniors Donald Walker and Freeman Edwards are both great additions to the Georgetown football program. Look for both of them to make big contributions to the program.
  14. Jackson still has a couple more visits to make. I haven't heard one way or the other about where he might choose. Word is that Ford is looking at Prep School or Junior College to get his GPA up and be more successful on the ACT test. Good luck to both!
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