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  1. For Danville it is a tossup between a big win over Rockcastle the first game of the season, coming from behind to win big over Somerset...no it had to be the thrilling double OT win over Holy Cross with a daring two point conversion. Left you absolutely breathless! In my personal opinion this was the second time in three years we won a game over Holy Cross that we should have lost. They played better and had the game in hand in two of those three contests. Even leaves Danville fans scratching their heads and wondering how it happened.
  2. OK, NOBODY caught that this has St. X as the 4A state champs?
  3. You would have to put Dennis Johnson from Harrodsburg as a DL. How about Harp from Danville as a tight end. Only problem is that he was a decent tight end at Kentucky, but a QB in high school.
  4. This is a very, very good Bardstown team. In my humble opinion the difference in this game will come down to strength of schedule. Except for Holy Cross, Bardstown has not played the caliber of teams that Danville has. Boyle County is their only loss, and they have beaten Southwestern (AAA), Rockcastle (AAA) and Somerset. Three of these teams are still alive in the playoffs and three of them are class AAA teams. Again, in my humble opinion having to play close games against very tough larger school competition is an advantage to Danville if the game is close late. Danville better find some advantage, because this is the best team they have played this year, outside of Boyle County.
  5. No. Very evenly matched. Two great defenses slugging it out.
  6. Danville - 5 opponents are still alive. Rockcastle Southwestern Boyle Somerset Frankfort Tough pre-district schedule...again.
  7. Not getting ahead of myself, but IF Danville & Bardstown both win, where will the game be played? By the way, Frankfort is capable of winning this game...
  8. After knocking out LHC the past two years, they will come to Danville with a full head of steam! Two years ago LHC should have won the game...Danville will really have their hands full. Everyone had better hold off a week before putting Danville and Bardstown in the Regional final. Bardstown had better not look past Franfkort and Danville will need an "A" game to get past LHC. I give Danville a very slight edge for home field.
  9. If you look at the high placers, I like Larue. And, frankly, I think Banks is an underrated wrestler who has a shot at winning the title. Sheldon Clark is very tough, but I give the small school edge to Larue. Overall...sigh...Woodford again!
  10. My top five - based strictly on how they wrestled at state: 1) Kyle Ruschell 2) Jacob Murton 3) Jarius Murton 4) Tony McDermott 5) Taylor Scherer HM - Mike Clark, Max Ervin, Travis Sullivan. I thought 119 was the toughest weight class, followed by heavyweight and 160. By the way, Travis Sullivan is not the first Wayne County wrestler to pin his way through the 103 pound bracket...who was the other one?
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