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  1. The offical ranking are out on http://www.kentuckywrestling.org
  2. Nice upset by SC. Hope we play them again at the rock during playoffs.
  3. SV is not undefeated. They lost against Grundy, Va. SC will win Sc-42 Sv-8
  4. Yeah I say so. Sheldon Clark was hoping to pass alittle more so that mud didn't help. And on SC sideline they was 2 inchs of mud 25 yard line to 25 yard line.
  5. It was 8 to 8 in the at the end of the first half. Sheldon Clark came out with fire the second half scoring 22 points in the third quarter, One touchdown was by a fumble recovery by DE Ricky Burgess. And the other 7 in the 4th. If the cards keep that fire they will be monsters in the playoffs. Gratz Cards and Warriors.:dancingpa
  6. If SC plays like they did against P-burg. Sc-35 Er-28 If they get their heads out of their butts. Sc-45 Er-0
  7. Will the rainy field tonight effect Sc or P-burg?
  8. If Sheldon Clark gets tripped up in their record this will be a long night for them. But if they focus in it will be a long night for the blackcats.
  9. This will be a good game. Sheldon Clark likes to run the ball where the Tomcats hurt them. But P-burg will be fired up for this game. I say Sheldon Clark not because they are 4-0 because they want it more. SC-21 P-burg-7
  10. Well this was a good game. Sheldon Clark pounded it down the middle. Then the pass blockage was great for Sheldon Clark. Perry's #3 and #1 did a good job tonight. Overall it was good game. Sheldon Clark-24 Perry County-12
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