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  1. Robin Kelsch scoring the final points of the game will forever be one of the finest moments any of us will ever see.
  2. Congrats to Brad Carr and the Scott Eagles on another magical mystery tour through the 37th. Kellen Smith is flat out fun to watch. Best of luck to the Eagles next week at The Fieldhouse! http://www.kypost.com/dpp/sports/scott-tops-campbell-in-ot-in-37th-final Boy do I miss Terry Boehmker's column's. Reading this brought me back to the golden days of picking up the KY Post to read the sports section.
  3. If someone puts 67 points on the board (regulation) and plays any sort of defense against Bishop Brossart, they will win. However, I truly feel that won't happen Wednesday night, nor any night this week. Campbell is by far the more athletic team, but give Mike Code six days to prep for your offense and you'll be fortunate to score in the 50's. This will be a fun game to watch, no doubt about that.
  4. The Loyal Mafia is far an away stronger than any mafia in NKY.
  5. Congrats to all officials making their first, or return, to the Sweet 16. Glad to see O'Hara and Pouncy go from the 9th. Best of luck to all.
  6. Congrats to Covington Catholic and Newport Catholic on great seasons. I'd say both have a whole lot to be proud of, win or lose. It was nice to see Coach Tieman at the game last night. As for the game, what a good one. This is the third year in a row that the finals have come down to the last minute of the game. You hate to see anyone lose, but this is why the tournament is so special. From the fog and spotlight, to cutting down nets...couldn't ask for a better way to end your season. Again, great job by both teams and coaches.
  7. The only requirement is that all participants must be freshman or younger. So, an 8th grader can play up, but a 10th grader can't play down. No rule preventing bringing a freshman down from the JV team for the tournament. I don't know if I remember any coach doing so in the past, but many kids who play both, or all three, have played in the tournament. Ludlow will have a freshman who plays on all three teams and is pretty talented.
  8. I believe Newport has played in this tournament every year with the exception of last year. I would say that's pretty consistant. Lloyd not having a freshman team opened up one slot, which Ludlow filled.
  9. Clock - Cooper. Cougar - Calvary Christian Disco Ball - Villa Madonna
  10. I'd like to see Doug get the Bellevue job. In the world we live in, hiring a non-teacher has brought a lot of good coaches to high school sports. Bryson Warner (Ryle) isn't a teacher and he's done a fine job. However, he does have assistants in the building during the day, which I'm sure Bellevue does/will have as well.
  11. Ron Madrick will come up with a great hire.
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