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  1. Excited to see how the Golden Lions will do with a fresh start in many phases. New Coaches, New Offense/Defense, as well as, returning key players on both sides of the ball. Things should be looking up for Garrard County this year! Good luck guys!
  2. I understand. I’m just old fashioned! New times I guess.
  3. Just had a parent tell me their kid and the rest of the team found out the hire from Twitter… Could the admin not let Josh speak to the kids first? Congrats Coach Jaggers!
  4. I think he means more south, than east. I believe it’s Southwestern Pulaski.
  5. You hit the nail on the head! This whole situation was handled as poorly as possible. The administration is completely to blame. The lack of communication between the administration and current coaching staff is beyond ridiculous. The kids are the most important part of this whole situation and I feel like they were thought about last in every decision that was made by the administration. Good luck to whoever is hired as the next head coach. With the surrounding area schools in Garrard, Boyle, and Pulaski Counties pouring money and time into the kids, I would say the high school transfer portal is completely open at Lincoln County.
  6. I will say that the next head coach will not be from the current staff at Lincoln.
  7. I reached back out and heard the same thing. I was going off of what I had heard last night. I believe Rogers has removed himself from continuing the weightlifting until a hire is made.
  8. It is shut down until someone is hired.
  9. All the administration did was hurt the kids by the way they’ve handled the whole situation. I think the hire was/will be made because of what one person in the school system wanted. He didn’t want Rogers or Cooper to have a shot at the job.
  10. You can’t blame Rogers or Cooper. Maybe they feel like they are being used by the administration to keep the program up and running while they go hire someone else and keep them in the dark. I will say from what I know and have heard, looks like it will be Jaggers job to have.
  11. He isn’t going to stay if he’s not hired. I’ve heard from someone close to him that he’s been offered a DC position and an OC position at different schools if he isn’t hired as the HC. Also, he’s more than likely going to have a spot on Crutchfield’s staff if he wants to be there. So he’s got options.
  12. It doesn’t matter who you have to play, if you are good enough to win state, you are good enough no matter who you play. Any school can win at anytime. You have to have great players and great coaches. That’s why you play the game. If you aren’t playing to win a State Championship then why play?
  13. For you to know so much about Lincoln football you’d also know that Lincoln had 3 linebackers out that also included Lee Amon at RB, and also Lincoln had 2 practices that week because of being out the previous week with Covid. Not taking anything away from Bell County but come on…
  14. Simply not true… there are ways around that. If a kid wants to attend a school they can do it. Crutchfield is not recruiting any kids to play at Garrard. I know him and his family personally. He is not that way and I guarantee he has encouraged kids to stay at LC.
  15. I agree that it’s a team effort. But, the district is pretty easy to win to be honest. Garrard County was knocking on the door last year with all of the things that were going on with that program. I think it’s very very realistic for them to win the district. They have a lot better chance to win theirs than Lincoln.
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