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  1. The best thing for GC is to not hire someone within or even local in the county. Heard rumblings already that Kasey McRay (Former Mercer County Assistant and Current Centre College Assistant) has thrown his name in the hat. Also, not sure when the job will be posted. Maybe someone more familiar with the hiring processes can give an idea on when that job posting should open up.
  2. Completely not true at all. He had a job on staff up until the day they submitted the transfer to Boyle. I’m almost certain Montice and Crutchfield went to school and played basketball/football together. From what I understand they were really close friends.
  3. Maybe Montice wants a head coaching job? I’m just feeding information I’ve received. Do I think it happens? No. Again, just relaying information I’ve gotten from people in the Danville School system.
  4. I’ve heard Clevenger, Stonebraker, Parks, and a dark horse candidate in Montice Quisenberry, who would bring his son. Also, his daughter is currently enrolled at Danville, but has been ruled ineligible for the girls basketball team.
  5. Super nice guy. But with all due respect, if Danville entertains the idea of him getting the job then I can guarantee they will not have a football team next year.
  6. He will not be at Casey next year. I think you will see him at Danville or maybe even Somerset.
  7. Well, he’s got a son who plays across town for what it’s worth!
  8. I would not count out Steve Stonebraker as a possible candidate. I’m also hearing that a former assistant coach at Garrard County is going to get an interview.
  9. I think this will be a sneaky competitive game. After getting to watch Garrard and Danville both last week, I’m falling on who wins the line of scrimmage. I think Garrard has an advantage on the line on both sides of the ball. Garrard has to sustain their drives and protect the football. For Danville, you have an absolute stud in Brown who will be the best player on the field and who can score at anytime. That being said, if Garrard limits Danville’s big plays I think they can pull it off. Danville was undisciplined and very very fatigued against Lincoln last week. If the Golden Lions can keep it close until the 4th quarter I think they pull it out. Garrard 28 Danville 21
  10. They don’t make athletic transfers! It’s always been academic transfers and surprisingly they don’t have any issues accepting the really good athletes who are also good students! Duh.
  11. One is a done deal. The other is a hard rumor at this point. I just don’t see this turning out good (Between Coaching Staffs). There is going to be some BAD blood coming from these decisions. I was told that Boyle backed off both when Crutchfield got hired. Now, I think those rumors in themselves were false. It will be very interesting to see what comes of it. This won’t be a subtle transfer from what I am hearing.
  12. Excited to see how the Golden Lions will do with a fresh start in many phases. New Coaches, New Offense/Defense, as well as, returning key players on both sides of the ball. Things should be looking up for Garrard County this year! Good luck guys!
  13. I understand. I’m just old fashioned! New times I guess.
  14. Just had a parent tell me their kid and the rest of the team found out the hire from Twitter… Could the admin not let Josh speak to the kids first? Congrats Coach Jaggers!
  15. I think he means more south, than east. I believe it’s Southwestern Pulaski.
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