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  1. They where my players last year most of the season and for 3 yrs prior. Logan Mcknight started 2 yrs passed away, 6th leading scorer in state last yr Landon Pace is at home now, and Tyler Haile still in school is in bad shape but stable.
  2. Frank Ramsey Jim Mitchell Travis Ford Chris Bowles Craig Bass
  3. South Hopkins Tomcats 1955-95 Jim Beshear 2700 Brian Hopper 2500 Eddie Childress 1900 Jim Hicks 1500 Donell Tandy 1500 Ronnie Bruce 1300 The rest is over a thousand, not sure by how much... Craig Offutt Jimmy Browning Terry Yarbrough could possibly be more.....this is based off of old news papers estimates. Past 1990 confirmed
  4. I passed down info on the team last week. Seems to be a good guy and motivated. Hope he knows what he is in for.
  5. Mickey Blue from from Webster co. I am pretty sure first time as a head coach.
  6. Graves, Mayfield,and Hopkinsville is nice in western Ky. I would think Graves is up their in capacity.
  7. Coach Pace is probably done with boys next yr and Middle school coach / asst varsity coach Skyler Storms is probably the front runner, at only 21 yrs old he is not bad. Unless a more expierenced coach applies.
  8. I was the coach and all I am going to say is, what caused the situation I would do a 1000 times over even if this is the result and I did not resign even though I signed the letter. I would say more but going to take the high road. I did nothing wrong.
  9. Is this pretty much from Cats pause? Seems certain teams get ranked at same spots every year regaurdless of returning players or other data.
  10. Seen on Riherds Madisonville has Newton listed as coach, guessing Webster is open now.
  11. Toby Miles Trigg County assistant and former Hopkins County Central head coach got the job.
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