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  1. I think that makes roughly 100 Louisville commits in classes 2022-2025. Only a slight exaggeration….. Anyway, good for Jake. Have known him and his family thru travel ball for years.
  2. So Rivals has it this way, in terms of national ranking: Reed Sheppard North Laurel 21 Kaleb Glenn Male 61 George Washington III 65 and 247 has it thus: Glenn 38 Washington 40 Sheppard 51 And that’s a pretty big discrepancy between the two….
  3. I’m not sure how to think about this one. It either works out great (if he ends up at UK) or it’s a disaster. Not much in between. A recruit ranked between 30 and 50 is not a sure thing by any stretch. The guards Calipari has brought in at that range include SGA, Stacey Poole, Juzang, Herro, Charles Mathews and Jon Hood. Sheppard might be Herro. He might be Hood. Kentucky fans - because he’s from Kentucky and especially because of his Dad’s history at UK - assume he’ll be Herro (if not John Wall). If he comes in and plays better than his ranking and gets plenty of time and produces, all
  4. So, I watched the first half of Lyon County v North Laurel yesterday and.....I'm not sure how to say this, but it was a bit underwhelming. If I didn't know who Reed Sheppard was, I'm not sure I'd have paid much attention to him. Simply didn't stand out at all. Now, that was one half - I suspect he was much better in the second half, and in the end all any of this means is that anyone can have a bad day. But, a 6'2 kid can disappear in a way that a 6'11 athletic kid won't. That's a reference to the kid from Evangel. I've seen him 3 times this summer now, and he is really raw. Maybe too n
  5. Randomly, I saw a picture the other day of Larry Miller, who was coaching at Meade County in the mid-1980s when I was playing in the 5th region. I had forgotten that he coached previously at Simon Kenton, and I'm pretty sure he was the coach in '81 that won the state title with McKinley and that group. It didn't seem odd at the time that a coach would win a state title and then leave a couple of years later for another school which has had as far as I know relatively modest success in basketball. Anyone know how that came to be - why he might have left Simon Kenton so soon after winning it'
  6. The kid from Ashland, the two kids from Ballard (Sisk, Edelen) and the kid from North Oldham are the top ones that come to mind. I didn't realize that Sisk played the point - maybe that was because Edelen was out all year with the foot injury.....
  7. The conjecture would be either the school has an oversized (and false) idea of how good it should be/is, or else it's a place where parents or politics or something (other than leadership and common sense) rule the roost.
  8. I saw the letter from Brown. I think the two things he referenced were ability to hire the staff he wanted and “having a presence at the high school”, which is probably a recognized term that I’m just unfamiliar with. The implication - or maybe he said it outright, I don’t remember - was that the Principal and AD made certain promises to get him to take the job, then reneged after he got there. North has always had trouble with coaching stability, at least w/r/t football and basketball, and the convenient assumption is “rich, overly involved parents” is the reason. I can’t say if that’s tru
  9. The only play I saw was the last one, from Matt Jones Twitter feed. But that was a horrible no-call, again from the one vantage point I saw. I don’t know if they were in the bonus; if not, I don’t know how much time was left so I’m not sure it made the difference. Still. Horrible swallowing of the whistle. I don’t use the choke word much - it’s way overused. But.....goodness. Had the same reaction at the end of Baylor/UConn, when the Baylor kid was assaulted by 2 different Connecticut players and the officials called nothing. Shameful.
  10. Thanks for that, learned something today. The name Jaracz isn't real common, would have to think there's a decent chance she's somehow related to Thad who was a Rupp's Runt. If so, didn't know he lived in the area....
  11. Pretty impressive win for the Panthers, to say the least. Proving to be a handful for anyone. Good for them. I’m originally from that area, and E-town was the rival - couldn’t imagine cheering for those uppity folks under any circumstances! Heh. Now, it’s funny, none of that matters anymore and I found myself hoping they wouldn’t cough up that lead. A function of years, I suppose. Just looked at Ballard’s roster, and they get just about everyone back, plus Jack Edelin will presumably return. They will be loaded for bear.
  12. I'm not sure I follow? This sounds like a comment about a college team, with the NCAA granting an extra year of eligibility there's a lot of talk about whether so and so might come back and play another year. For high school players, seems like either they are seniors (in which case they won't be back) or they are not seniors (in which case they will be)......?
  13. If I remember right, in the Courier-Journal's ranking of the 16 teams, E-town was second, so I certainly think they can win it all. Short, quick team, preys on turnovers. I've not seen them live, but we've all seen teams like that - and it just comes down to matchups. What happens if they play a good team with real size? Will the shorter, quicker team make the big team look slow and lumbering, simply unable to cope with the speed of the game, giving up fast break after fast break? Or does the taller team make the opponent look diminutive, unable to rebound or get anything near the basket,
  14. Hard to win when 2 of your better players have 11 turnovers between them. In the end, total turnovers ended up fairly close (16 for OC, 14 for GRC) - so it wasn’t the number of TOs that killed OC, but that they coughed the ball up in some very crucial spots. Stats look fairly even - except for shooting percentage, which looks to be the difference in the game.
  15. Kind of weird each team has a Slone. Not a real common name, and that looks like an unusual spelling to boot. OC with an uncharacteristic 9 turnovers in the half - if they’re unable to pull this out, that’ll be a big factor. I wonder of GRC is a trapping or harassing kind of D that turns people over, or if OC is just being anxious or careless.
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