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  1. I think Belfry will be better than Bell. With that being sad I am biased. Go Big Red.
  2. 1. Male 2. Trinity 3. Boyle 4. Johnson Central 5. Covington Catholic
  3. It all comes down to penalties and turnovers when two evenly matched teams play. Should be a good one.
  4. Ashland comes to Belfry. Should be a good one.
  5. Johnson Central is really good. Very disciplined don’t beat themselves. Huge offensive line and a four year starter at quarterback who is awesome. He reads the defense on the option as good as anyone I have seen. If the opponent doesn’t stay at home and take care of their assignment he will take it to the house. I still say Male, Trinity Boyle a distant third and Johnson Central has to be right on their heels. I’m looking forward to that matchup in Lexington 1st weekend in December.
  6. Male and Trinity then the rest of the state with Boyle probably a distant third.
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