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  1. If Belfry doesn’t turn the ball over, I look for at least a two touchdown victory. If they give Ashland a short field and too many penalties, it could be a very close game. Congratulations to the young man that committed to Army.
  2. When two good teams get together, it always comes down to turnovers and penalties.
  3. Wright was the difference when North Hardin beat Belfry 21 to 20. Without him North Hardin would more than likely have one loss. Good athlete. Stepped up when his team needed him.
  4. Belfry 7 N Hardin 7 about 5 minutes left in 2nd quarter
  5. I think Belfry will be better than Bell. With that being sad I am biased. Go Big Red.
  6. 1. Male 2. Trinity 3. Boyle 4. Johnson Central 5. Covington Catholic
  7. It all comes down to penalties and turnovers when two evenly matched teams play. Should be a good one.
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