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  1. The Ole Ball Coach! This will be interesting. 🤪
  2. LCA in on a roll, I don't see it ending until they hoist the trophy in Lexington.
  3. Etown is the sexy pick but I think CAL takes this one. I hope I am wrong as I would like to see the Panthers advance.
  4. Right. Bermuda isn't made for playing on after the first frost. It is just how it is.
  5. Yes. That Darryl guy is a joke with all the nicknames and such. He does that for middle school kids like it is the WWE. Nobody pays attention to him here in southern WV and eastern KY.
  6. The field should be fine after the warm a dry weather predicted this week. I don't see it as a factor. The difference will be the play of the OL and DL for each team. Who controls that line of scrimmage? Which team has the advantage there?
  7. Would like to see Williamsburg win one and get another shot at a title. They lost a heartbreaker a few years back to Mayfield if memory serves me. But I think KCD is too much for them this year.
  8. Bowling Green Belfry NewCath Etown Frederick Douglas 49
  9. The other discussion about Ashlands D made me want to ask this. As it relates to this week, how many points does Ashland have to limit Belfry to in order to beat them? If they hold them under 21 is that enough? 14? And the big question is can they do it?
  10. Yes they are, and that is kind of the ppoint to my question earlier. Ashland handled both Russell and Bell kind if easy, at least from outside looking in. They did what was asked and we still don't really know how good that D may be. I was curious how this D may compare to other great defenses we have seen. Rockcastle for example had really stout defenses in their run just around 2000 or 2001. They gave up very little scoring. How does Ashland compare?
  11. Other than Russell twice and Bell Co the schedule has been week, but they did defend those two very well. They get a different animal this week. Can they keep Belfry out of the end zone?
  12. Ashland has given up a total of 42 points on the season. That is 42 in 9 games. An average of 4.7 per game. Wow. We all know 2020 season started out rough with nothing that seemed normal. No different for the Tomcats. They didn't get to play at all the first 2 weeks of the season, having their first game on September 25. Nothing early on really should be taken as relevant for anybody. Not surprising that the bulk of the points they have given up was in their first 3 games (28). That means in the last 6 games, they have only allowed a total of 14 points total for an average of 2.3 per game. All 14 of them were to Russell in their two matchups with them. The Tomcat offense has put up 221 points in those 6 games, outscoring their opponents by an average of 36.8 to 2.3. How many teams in KY in the past have allowed less than 42 points in the season?
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